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Only if the peelings have been cooked. Potatoes along with Tomatoes are part of the deadly nightshade family and are extremely toxic to horses if fed raw. ( tomatoes should be avoided even when cooked.) Potatoes break down into starch /sugar and should not be fed to horses in large amounts, every so often as a treat is OK, so long as they have been thoroughly cooked.

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Q: Can horses eat brussel sprout peelings?
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Can horses eat brussel sprouts?

Horses cannot eat brussel sprouts

Do horses eat peelings?

Some horses love peelings, depending on what fruit or veggie they came from. Carrot or apple peelings are a great treat for a horse as long has they are fresh.

Can guinea pigs eat brussel sprout sticks?

yes it very healthy for them.

Can chickens eat brussel sprout leaves right off the plant?

Yes the plant is completely edible.

Can deer eat potato peelings?

yes a deer can eat potato peelings but they eat potatoes

Is it healthier to eat frozen brussel sprout without cooking them or to cook them?

I need to know if it is healthier to eat frozen brussel sprouts without cooking them or to cook them? I always heard that heat destroys vitamin c and brussel sprouts has loads of that, and they have loads og other great things, but do you need heat in that aspect to get them to relaese all their goodies?I love the sprouts just out of the frozen bag.

Is it good to eat peelings from fruits?

No its not but peelings from bananas help itchy bugs bites! :)

Do pigs eat peelings?

They can, yes.

How do you get rid of black and yellow bugs eating my brussel sprout plants?

Most likely bores. Go to your local Home and Garden shop such as Home Depot or Lowes and pick up any organic insecticide. Make sure it is organic if you want to be able to eat your brussel sprouts;)

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Yes, you can eat sprout leaves. You used to be able to buy the sprout leaves in a bag at the store.