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Horses can eat celery and since it contains mostly water it can be good for them in smaller amounts. Broccoli however is not good for horses and should be avoided.

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Can horses eat cellery or broccoli?

Horses can eat celery and it's actually a good treat for them. but broccoli is toxic to horses and should never be fed to them.

Can horses eat celery?

Yes horse can have celery. Not all horses will eat it, just like not all horses will eat apples and carrots.

Can gerbils eat carrots celery and broccoli?

Yes! Broccoli is one of their favorite foods.

Can bearded dragons eat celery?

yes as i own a bearded dragon and give him cabbage, broccoli and CELERY so yes bearded dragons do eat celery

What stems do people eat?

Among others...celery, asparagus, and chopped broccoli.

What kind of vegetables can horses eat?

Carrots, swedes, turnips, broccoli, beetroot, celery, cabbage leaves.Some even like corn cobs but I do not recommend them because they could choke

What stems can you eat?

asparagus celery broccoli rhubarb um other than that i don't know

Which foods should you avoid when trying to lose weight?

The kind that taste good. Eat broccoli and celery.

What fruits and vegetables can you eat raw?

Some fruits and vegetables that can be eaten raw are tomatoes, broccoli celery, etc.

Can horses eat broccoli?

Technically, yes, horses are capable of eating broccoli. However, broccoli in large quantities can cause gas build-up in the intestines, which in some cases can lead to gas colic (a potentially fatal problem). Therefore, it is not recommended to feed your horse broccoli.

How do you spell broccolli and celery in french?

Broccoli in french is brocoli. Celery in french is céleri.

What parts of fresh foods do gerbils eat?

They will eat fresh vegetables and fruits, the best would be broccoli, celery, lettuce, apples, and for occasional snacks, carrots.

Which stems are edible?

potato, celery, broccoli, sugarcane

What vegetables can pet rabbits eat?

Carrots, Parsley, Cabbage, Spinach, Broccoli, and Celery. All must be fresh.Carrots and lettus.

What vegetable can guinea pigs eat?

They LOVE Parsley! anything green, celery, broccoli, cucumbers, etc. They really like cucumbers!

What do horses like to eat best?

Horses like to eat things such as carrots, apples, lettuce leaves, celery, alfalfa hay, grass, peppermints, sugar cubes, and oats.

Will horses eat broccoli?

A horse will try and eat broccoli but you should never feed it to them as it is bad for them. It can cause very painful gas colic that may need emergency equine veterinarian attention.

Do reindeer eat celery?

yes reindeer eat celery they also eat carrots but they still eat celery

Are there any vegetables without seeds?

cauliflower, broccoli, celery.

Is it ok to feed horses broccoli?

It is okay to feed horses a very small amount of broccoli, although many will not eat it. Broccoli can cause gas and bloating along with colic in a horse. Answer 2: Cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli are considered bad for horse as it can cause gas build up and since horses cannot vomit or burp and they will develop painful gas colic. It is best to avoid feeding any cruciferous vegetables to horses at all.

What vegetables do Canadians eat?

We eat all sorts of veggies uhh carrots celery broccoli cauliflower zucchini beans peas all sorts all the same americans do

Can mice eat celery?

can mice eat celery

Can deer eat celery?

Can deer eat celery

How can broccoli kill you?

Broccoli can kill you if you are allergic to it. Not everyone can eat broccoli and animals should not eat broccoli either.

What do bunny really eat?

Carrots,spinach,romaine lettuce,strawberries,hay, broccoli(stems,but not to much will give gas), celery, And BUNNY FOOD!!!!!

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