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Can horses eat triticale?

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* Yes, you can feed this to your horse. With the high price of feed and droughts, winter months Triticale is often used (cheaper) while giving your horses the nutrition it needs. Triticale (trit-ih-KAY-lee) is a crop species resulting from a plant breeder's cross between wheat (Triticum) and rye (Secale). The name triticale (Triticale hexaploide Lart.) combines the scientific names of the two genera involved. It is produced by doubling the chromosomes of the sterile hybrid that results when crossing wheat and rye. This doubling produces what is called a polyploid. Simply put they have combined wheat and rye for a new variety and double the growth. This is used for winter feed and the most acceptable or preferred crops in order are triticale, barley, rye grass and oats. Horse breeders have accepted for many years that barley was the most acceptable. * Triticale can be fed to horses but is not exactly healthy for them. they digest normal oats better. If triticale is baled at the right time (in the milk stage) it is very palatable for horses and cattle. I have thrown alfalfa/grass hay out in a feeder and triticale in another and the horses gravitate to the triticale. My horses love the sweet stalks. My horses winter well on the triticale.

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What does triticale mean?

Triticale (trit-ih-KAY-lee) is a crop species resulting from a plant breeder's cross between wheat (Triticum) and rye (Secale). The name triticale (Triticale hexaploide Lart.) combines the scientific names of the two genera involved.

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