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Can horses eat watermelon?

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Yes, horses will eat Watermelon, and generally any other fruit. Make sure to cut the watermelon in long, thin slices rather than circular shapes as they are less likely to get stuck in the horses throat and cause choking this way.

hi, yes horses can eat Watermelon but i do not agree in cutting it in long slices as it will get stuck in their throat as well. cut in long slices then chop into smaller pieces so it will not harm them.

2011-01-27 05:05:00
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Can horses eat watermelon rind?

They sure can

Is it safe to feed horses watermelon?

Yes. Both the rind and the pulp are safe for horses to eat.

Willmy horse die if give them watermelon?

We have been feeding horses watermelon for years. We have not lost one yet. Some will eat it and some horses do not like the taste

Can horses eat watermelon rinds?

Yes, a horse can eat all parts of the watermelon and it is actually very healthy for them to have it in the summer as it gets them to ingest more water.

Will watermelon make a horse get worms?

NO it will not, in fact watermelon is good for horses, let them eat all parts, it's great for the summer time.

What do horses eat except for hay?

Well they eat Grass, grain, carrots, apples, my horse eats watermelon.

Can galahs eat watermelon?

galahs can eat watermelon and watermelon skin!!

Can a horse eat watermelon rinds and cantolpe rinds?

I give my horses watermelon rinds every once in a while and they love them. Small amounts for occational treats are fine.

Do rodents eat watermelon?

Yes, they eat watermelon

Can horses eat watermellon?

They can eat watermelon, rind and all. Some people cut the rinds in small pieces, but they can also bite it off on their own.

Do deer eat watermelon?

Yes deer do eat watermelon they eat whatever they can get their paws or whatever on.

Can dogs eat watermelon?

Some dogs love to eat watermelon.

Is it safe for dogs to eat watermelon?

Yes, though watermelon seeds are not good for them to eat.

Do lady bugs eat watermelon?

Lady bugs eat other bugs. They do not eat plants including watermelon.

Are watermelon white seeds safe to eat?

All kinds of watermelon seeds are safe to eat.

Do ladybugs eat watermelon?

Ladybugs generally eat other insects and are considered a garden helper insect. They do not eat watermelon.

Is it safe to eat watermelon seeds?

Yes, it is safe to eat watermelon seeds

Can guinea pigs eat watermelon seeds?

No, but watermelon seeds can eat guinea pigs.

Do tortoises eat watermelon?

my red ear turtle enjoys watermelon

Is watermelon a diuretics?

Watermelon is one of the best diuretic fruits you can eat.

Is watermelon ok to eat while on coumadin?

Is watermelon ok to if on Coumadin

What does the horse eat?

Horses eat hay, and oats, and many types of grass, such as alfalfa, just to name the most common feeds. They love carrots and watermelon and many other sweet treats. The feed for horses will vary depending on their age and medical condition.

what can horses eat and not eat?


Can you eat watermelon?


What does watermelon eat?

the sunlight!!