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Can horses see in colour?


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Yes, but not exactly the same way we do. Like, certain colors appear brighter and others are much darker.


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Appaloosa is a pattern not a colour. The base colour of the appaloosa can be any of colours that you see in non appaloosa horses

no horses are not colour blind although, from recent study concurred that yellow and green are similar to them and can see most other colours with perfect vision.

Horses have a limited colour range in vision. They have dichromatic vision, meaning they see the world in many shades of greys, browns, and yellows.

I am pretty sure they can... I know that they can see red, so they must be able to. Cows can only see black and white.

horses get there color like how we get our skin color. horses are born like that.

Falabella horses can be any colour apart from piebald or skewbald

"Horses are not totally colorblind, but they do not see the range of colors we see. There are two kinds of photoreceptors in the eye that allows animals to see colors: cones and rods. Rods allow them to see in low light conditions and cones are sensitive to color. Horses have just two types of cones, whereas humans have three. Reducing the number to two greatly reduces the number of colors horses see. They see mostly in the yellow, brown, and gray ranges."yes they can

If you click on the link to a breed's page, you'll see the coat rarity...percentages.Strawberry Roan is usually the rarest color, if it is available for the breed. Most breeds have the strawberry roan color available.To see the amount of horses that have each color coat, go to the Horses directory. =)

Dogs and horses are colored blindImproved Answer:Actually, dogs can see some colour! They can pick up yellow and blue-purple colours as they have two cone types which allows them to see in limited colour. Horses also can see in blue and yellow as well. There are only a few animals that cannot see in any colour at all: Seals, sea lions, walrus' and animals from the Cetaceafamily (whales, dolphins and porpoises) have only one cone type (which is called being Monochromatic).

Horses hooves are an adaptation for getting around easily and also their colour for camouflage

I think they were white.

Yes, quarter horses come in any solid colour.

Horses are sometimes bigger then humans and they can be any colour really they could be 16 hand or 25 hand (at the most 25)

When all the colours are combined you will see WHITE colour. If there is no colour you will see BLACK colour.

Horses can have 2 colors, one in winter and one in summer.

you will get almost any colour because your horses colour is not determined by the colour of it' s parents. you can have two chestnut horses that breed to make a bay foal. unless the horse is bred to be a specific colour, like the Cleavland Bay breed. the foals colour all depends on its genetic material.

Blind people do not see any colour

horses have many sickness' such as when they get bitten by a bug they loose their colour and become very sick

palomino horses are popular because it is a very common coat colour for a pony or a horse to be bred with.

the main coulor of a horse is normally bay

Actually when we see a particular colour its contrast colour is absorbed by the object and the colour which we see is reflected so when we see a wh

No type of dogs can see in colour, I don't know why though.

A horses head help them to see farther away than what they can see

horses see better at night because there refleces can see at dark time

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