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Q: Can hubble telescope see your flag on the moon?
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What can the Hubble telescope see?

You can see Earth, Mars, the Moon and galaxies!

Can you see the flag on the moon from earth with a telescope?

IT IS NOT POSSIBLE WITH ANY TELESCOPE, EVEN THE HUBBLE SPACE TELESCOPE ! Go to that link for a detailed, scientific answer as to why we cannot see it. The simple answer is we are way too far away !...........I'm sorry, but I am an astronomy major and the statement that we could not even see it with the hubble telescope is completely untrue. However, the answer is NO, you cannot see it from Earth, even with a powerfull telescope.

What is the name of the telescope that they use to see galaxies?

the hubble telescope edwin hubble :)

How far can hubble telescope see into space?

The Hubble Space Telescope can see out to a distance of several billions of light-years.

Why do you think the hubble telescope is better than a telescope on Earth?

it can see further.

Where was the Hubble Space Telescope launched to?

The Hubble Space Telescope was launched in 1990 into space to take pictures the Earth and to relay them back to its ground crew. See the official Hubble Space Telescope website: ~ Hexedgirl92

What has the Hubble telescope see a couple weeks ago?

A supernova

Where can you see close up photos of Jupiter?

You can go to P.S. Hubble is a space telescope.

How many people can fit in a hubble spacecraft?

The Hubble is a telescope used to see deep space, it is not a spacecraft.

What space telescope just starred in a 3-D movie?

The Hubble Space Telescope of HST "starred" in Hubble 3D. See related link for a trailer.

Why is the hubble space telescope so special?

-Because it was the fist telescope that can see outside our solar system.

The way can connect to the hubble telescope?

i want to see over our galaxy