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No. Tapeworms only exist in pets. They cannot be transferred from a pet to a person. :) check out this site I had the same question just a sample from the page Because of immunizations and things like litter boxes and flea treatments, the transfer of pet diseases to humans has greatly been reduced over the years, but there are still some diseases that people can get from pets. And most troubling, when people are infected by their pet, they usually don't know it.

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Do humans get tapeworms from dog's fleas or tapeworms segment?

Humans get tapeworms from dogs when they jump from hosts (the dog) to us (the humans) and for more information please check out this site. Also from eating some meats from animals that may have had it and not cooking it enough to kill and get rid of them!!

Are tapeworms useful to humans?

No. tapeworms are pest to humans.

Can dogs catch infections from humans?

yes dogs can catch infections from humans. Like cough, sneezing etc

Can dogs catch a stomach virus?

Yes. All animals can catch a virus but not all viruses can be transferd from humans to dogs or from dogs to humans.

Can dogs catch the flu from humans?

No. the flu from humans arne't contageous to dogs.

Examples of parasitic?

Some examples of a parasitic relationship are lice and humans, tics and dogs, and tapeworms and humans. I hope that was enough

Can humans get dog tapeworms?

No, the canine tapeworms are not infectious to humans. Humans have their own tapeworms that cycle through cows or pigs; they have been eradicated in the United States.

Can humans have tapeworms?

Yes. Unfortunately, humans have contracted tapeworms throughout history. Not much fun.

Dogs and cats get tapeworms from?

dogs and cats gett tapeworms from the infected flea they have consumed or have been bitten from

Can people get tapeworms from their infected dogs?

yes they can. there have been accidental ingestion of infected ticks that transmit the tapeworm in humans.

Can humans get tapeworms?


Can you catch kennel cough from your dog?

No, humans can not catch this sickness. Only other dogs can.

What are parasites in humans?

Humans can get ticks, fleas, and tapeworms.

What are the symptoms of humans and tapeworm?

humans and tapeworms. What are the symptoms?

What are the examples of flatworms?

Planaria, tapeworms and flukes are all classic examples of flatworms. Planaria live in the creeks, flukes live in the livers of sheep, and tapeworms live in the intestines of cows, dogs and even humans.

Can dogs catch infectious diarrhea from humans?

no! are u stupid?

What kind of diseases can humans catch from dogs?

Rabies, for one.

Do dogs poop out tapeworms?


What kills tapeworms in dogs?

Ask your vet since they can recommend the medicine that kills tapeworms.

Can humans catch a stomach virus from dogs?

A human can't catch a stomach virus from a dog

Can humans get tapeworms from cats?

Thankfully, no

Are tapeworms deadly to humans?

yes and no

Dogs tongues what germs do they carry?

what kind of diseases or germs can humans catch from dogs tongues

Can dogs catch infectious diarehha from humans?

No, humans can't give animals any illness they have.

Do tapeworms live inside humans?

Yes for humans but No for Vampires