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Can humans get myxomatosis?

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No. To prove it have you heard anyone who's had it, would they have released it if we can catch it? Not like foot and mouth when you see that on news because it can harm us. Half of people who hunt would have myxi else....

Some scientists injected themselves with the virus to prove it didn't affect humans and it didn't hurt them at all.

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Can humans get myxomatosis if they've been in contact with an infected rabbit?

No, humans can't get myxomatosis, but they can spread the disease from one rabbit to another - you can prevent this by washing and changing clothes.

Can humans catch Myxomatosis?

No. To prove this, Dr Fenner inoculated himself with myxomatosis virus which was highly virulent for rabbits. Not a single sign of disease.

Can cats catch myxomatosis if they eat an infected rabbit?

Only rabbits can catch myxomatosis. Humans and other animals cannot catch it from eating the meat of an affected rabbit.

Is myxomatosis zoonotic?

Myxomatosis is not considered zoonotic . This condition only affects rabbits and isn't capable of affecting humans. There is no cure for this disease and death usually occurs within 8 to 15 days of infection.

Has a human ever died of myxomatosis?

No. myxomatosis a viral pox specific to rabbits.

Can dogs get myxomatosis?

Dogs and other animals cannot get myxomatosis. Only rabbits can be affected by the virus.

Can you eat rabbit infected with myxomatosis?

Myxomatosis is a disease that will only affect rabbits. It is spread by biting of insects such a fleas or mozzies. However, it is recommended to avoid eating it as there are possible health risks to humans where carcasses are being picked by predators, but that is true with any rotting meat.

How do rabbits get myxomatosis?

Rabbits get myxomatosis from being bitten by an insect that carries the virus (like mosquitos, or fleas). Rabbits can also get myxomatosis from other rabbits that are infected, or from coming into contact with that rabbit's stuff (like dishes and fabrics). If you havn't given your rabbit a myxomatosis jab it could get myxomatosis. If you live in a region where myxomatosis is present (like the UK), experts recommend your rabbit getting an injection. If you need to get an injection, or aren't sure if you do, talk to your vet. See the related question below for more info about rabbit vets.

What actors and actresses appeared in Myxomatosis - 1994?

The cast of Myxomatosis - 1994 includes: Martin van Waardenberg as Aas

How do you treat Myxomatosis in rabbits?

Myxomatosis cannot be treated, it is a disease which kills painfully and so it is usually kinder to euthanase the animal

How do you stop myxomatosis?

u cant

Do UK rabbits still have myxomatosis?


Can cats catch myxomatosis from rabbits?


Are hares affected by myxomatosis?


What actors and actresses appeared in Myxomatosis - 2011?

The cast of Myxomatosis - 2011 includes: Samantha Baines as Victoria Gary McErlane

At what age can a rabbit catch myxomatosis?

There is no particular age to when a rabbit can catch myxomatosis. Both young and old rabbits are susceptible to catching the virus.

Can you reuse a rabbit cage after the rabbits have died of myxomatosis?

There shouldn't be a problem with reusing the cage because any future rabbits that go in the cage should be vaccinated against myxomatosis. All pet rabbits who live in areas where there's myxomatosis should be vaccinated. The vaccine is the only way to protect your rabbit against myxomatosis. Myxomatosis is spread by mosquitos and fleas: there's really no way to keep these away from your rabbit (even netting and screens aren't very effective).

What is the disease used to erredicate rabbits?


Can rabbits with myxomatosis be killed for consumption?


Can Myxomatosis still be present in rabbit hutch and garden area despite cleaning with jayes fluid?

Myxomatosis is spread mainly by fleas and mosquitos, so it doesn't matter how much you clean and disinfect: so long as fleas or mosquitos can get in, myxomatosis can get in. Because fleas and mosquitos can basically get in everywhere, it's recommended that people who have pet rabbits and live in an area where there's myxomatosis -- like the UK -- have their rabbits immunized (shots). Myxomatosis is not a risk everywhere: pet rabbits in Canada, for instance, do not need shots.

Was myxomatosis introduced and if so why?

Myxomatosis - was a man-made disease introduced into the wild rabbit population - to control their numbers more effectively than shooting or trapping.

Do feral rabbits get diseases from mosquitoes?

All rabbits (including feral ones) can get Myxomatosis from mosquitos if there's any Myxomatosis in the environment (as there is in the UK, Australia, etc.).

Can guini pigs get mixomatosis?

No, only Rabbits can get myxomatosis.

What is poisioness to rabbits?

Poison, also the myxomatosis virus.

Who was the scientist who helped develop myxomatosis?

James Bond

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