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Unlikely, but it might have just been too early to take a test. If your period still hasn't arrived in 2 weeks, take another one

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Q: Can i be pregnant as I have missed a period but had a negative result?
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Can you be pregnant and get a negative result 10 days after your missed period?

Yep. It is not very likely, but it can happen.

How far into pregnancy would a test show you are pregnant?

You can test on the first day of your missed period, if the result is negative test again after 2 days.

What does it mean if a blood test was negative but you still have no period and can you still be pregnant and have a false negative?

yes you can be pregnant and get a negative test result with blood tests it is rare. There are other causes of missed periods see your gynecologist he will probably recommend an ultrasound.

Intercourse 17 days ago missed period negative result?

i got pregnant at 14 years old that suck true u dont know what to do

Am not able to be pregnant no period for two but result is negative?

Visit you doctor.

Can you take a home pregnancy test the day of your missed period?

You can but it may not be accurate for 5 days or so. If you get a positive result you are pregnant, if it is negative, wait a week and retest if your period is still late.

If you took a HPT at 8dpo and got a negative result is that a definite tell that you are not pregnant or did you just test too soon?

probably you need to wait until you have missed your period to get the best result of your pregnancy test hope this helps.

You are 7 days late for your period but you took a test and it said negative Could you be pregnant?

You could be. Wait another 2 weeks, then take another test. If the result is still negative, wait to see if you miss your next period. If you do, go and see your doctor. If not, you're not pregnant. Sometimes periods are missed for no apparent reason

If you missed your period could you still be pregnant if test is negative?

Yes, there is a possibility you could still be pregnant. Some pregnancy tests will not read your hCG levels if they are too low. The best way to find out if you are pregnant after receiving a negative test result is to go to your doctor. Have your doctor perform a blood test to give you a definite answer as to if you are pregnant or not.

Is 15 days after possible conception too early to get an accurate result from a pregnancy test?

No, some pregnancy tests say they can give you an accurate result 5 days before your missed period. If you get a negative result, it is best to test again a couple days following your missed period to ensure you are in fact not pregnant. If you get a positive more than likely you are pregnant as it is more likely to get a false negative than a false positive. If you do get a faint positive and are still unsure, take another test a couple days following your missed period and if that test is positive call your doctors office and make an appointment. Good luck!

If you get a negative result at night could you still be pregnant?

Will i be still be pregnant if i had a negative test result From Norena

I think i am pregnant and I dont know what to do?

Some women know they are pregnant before even taking a test. Others take a test and get a false negative result. This can happen if you just missed your period, or for other reasons. Here are some signs to look for.

You took one of those clearblue 5 day sooner test and your period is due tomorrow and the test was negative could you still be pregnant?

Yes. The embryo may not attach until the 2nd day of your missed period. The hormone that pregnancy tests look for is not evident until the embryo has attached. Which means that you may be pregnant and reciving a false neg. result. I would try again a few days after your missed period.

My period is delayed by ten days i did urine test but the result is negative-what's going on?

i am 10 delayed and still negative result. i have head ache and some unclear discharge... i am pregnant

Could you still be pregnant if your period is over a week late and had 3 negative hpts but never been late or missed a period before?

yes you can be pregnant or you can be stressing so much about not getting your period that your causing it not to come go toy our doctor for a blood test that will give you a more accurate result and if it shows that your not pregnant they can see why your period didn't come this month hope everything works out for you and i hope that you did use protection!

When is a pregnancy test most accurate?

First thing in the morning, after you have missed a period. Taken too soon (before your period is late) the test may result in a false negative.

If a pregnancy test was negative can you still be pregnant after missing your period for two months?

A urine test can give a negative result and the individual is pregnant. For complete accuracy you will have to take a blood test (pregnancy).

Can you be pregnant if test result is negative?

It is possible.

12 days after a missed period im still getting a negative result are you pregnant?

Well, don't stress - the same thing happened to me once after my second boy. I was very stressed, I had no period for two weeks and the pregnancy tests were still negative. I thought what is going on?? But just keep taking tests or go and see your GP

Iv done test that are negative but you still sure im pregnant?

The only thing that i can tell you to see if for sure that you are pregnant is to see if you start your period. Then for sure you will know. Also a reason that you may be getting negative results may be because you really are not pregnant but also you may be testing to early. Try and test yourself 5 days before or the day of your "missed" period. That will give you the best result. Good Luck!! Wish the best!

No signs of pregnancy but missed period and have positive result of pregnancy test?

not everyone has sighs of pregnancy, that's why pregnancy is very tricky but if u missed a period and your pregnancy test is positive pretty much your pregnant but if your still not sure contact your doctor

You missed your periods after 4 months from when you had Can you be preg?

Take a pregnancy test. If the result is negative, go and see the doctor, because it is important to find out why you are missing your period

Could you still be pregnant if a pregnancy test came out neg and there are still 3-4 days to come on my period?

Yes there is a chance you could be pregnant. It depends on the type of pregnancy test you take but some of the cheaper tests do not take an accurate reading until the day of your missed period or a few days after you have missed it. The closer it is until your period due date and the longer it is since you missed your period contribute to your result. If it has been a few days since you were due your period then there's more chance that the result will be more accurate but if you are in any doubt you should contact your doctor.

If it is not time for a girl's period but she takes the pregnancy test anyway and gets a negative result is it accurate and reliable?

No. Most pregnancy tests are much more reliable once the period has been missed.

If I took a pregnancy test at the hospital a week before my missed period and it came up negative should I retake a home test?

Yes. Pregnancy tests may not show a positive result until right before or even days after your missed period.