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Can i become your friend i am a big fan of you?


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sure. you can be my friend

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I am a very big fan of dora. I have no friend. I want you to be my friend.

In New Moon, if you are a big fan of Jacob you'll love it. and if you are a big fan of edward read it anyway!!

aston i am a big fan of just you me and my friend love you to bits

My friend Julie is a big fan of acrobatics and loves watching these amazing feats.

no she don't she gets whatever she wants i wish i was her friend i am a big fan

Sure Thangg :D ?! XxxX Sure Thangg :D ?! XxxX

Kongregate doesn't really have a good friend system. You can "add user as friend" which makes you appear as fan on their page and them as friend on yours. Then they fan you back and... Well it's confusing. Long story short just click "add as friend" on their profile. When they do the same to you then you'll be friends.

Big bang theory has become one of the most popular tv shows. So it is not bad that a friend should like it.

if you are a friend you can look at their profile. if you are a fan... i dont know

hi all the friends i am a big fan of hazal kaya

The duration of Big Fan is 1.52 hours.

a facbook friend means :: you have a friend on facebook a facbook fan means that:: you love facebook

yeah but a not a big fan he's a big fan of usher though

No Wayne Rooney is not a fan. lionel messi is a big fan of the Oasis.

my friend says that it has already started on January 21......she=BIG FAN of supernatural

A fan of big time rush. There is no name for them.

On the silly side: Flap your hands rapidly and you become a fan.

to become fan on like a game or anything,just press become a fan (just try finding it) and then type the secerty numbers in

Yes he does, but he doesn't accept all friend invites, so i would just become a fan which is another way you can connect with him.

dai fan, meaning big fan (or huge fan)

click become fan when you type in Lady GaGa

Become a fan! is when you join or follow something you like or enjoy, for example if you become a fan of a band you like you can view images of them, you get updates and you can see other fans!

to become a fan of backyard monsters you have to click the "LIke" button on the main screen you know when you play.It says "LIKE" in the corner then you become a fan

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