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sure. you can be my friend

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โˆ™ 2010-05-22 05:24:22
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Q: Can i become your friend i am a big fan of you?
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How do you become a fan of a friend on orkut?


How do you make Dora on facebook chat?

I am a very big fan of dora. I have no friend. I want you to be my friend.

How do you make a celebrity your friend on Facebook how do you become a fan even?

ya and no

How can you be drashti dhami facebook friend?

hi i'm nikita your big fan

When does Jacob become a werewolf in twilight?

In New Moon, if you are a big fan of Jacob you'll love it. and if you are a big fan of edward read it anyway!!

Is the creator of big Yoshi fan dead?

No! He is my friend at school and I can tell you 100% he is NOT dead!

Will you get married to Aston Merrygold?

aston i am a big fan of just you me and my friend love you to bits

Should Ali Simpson be friend with a simpsonizer?

Yeah i think she should be that if they not a Big fan who is crazy about him :)

Does young lyric get beaten?

no she don't she gets whatever she wants i wish i was her friend i am a big fan

What is a sentence about acrobatics?

My friend Julie is a big fan of acrobatics and loves watching these amazing feats.

Can you become my friend i am your fan?

Sure Thangg :D ?! XxxX Sure Thangg :D ?! XxxX

How do you become someones friend on kongregate?

Kongregate doesn't really have a good friend system. You can "add user as friend" which makes you appear as fan on their page and them as friend on yours. Then they fan you back and... Well it's confusing. Long story short just click "add as friend" on their profile. When they do the same to you then you'll be friends.

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