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No not if you are using it properly.

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Could you be get pregnant if you used a condom and it did not break at all and it was the day after your period?

It's definitely not. If you used a condom and it did not break at all, you can't be get pregnant whenever you make love.

How do you make love without being pregnant and without using a condom?

Use birth control pills, or a diaphragm. Neither protect from STI's. And, of course, no form of birth control is 100% effective. Its best to double up. (Pills AND condom.)

What does woohoo mean in the sims 3?

It means making "love" but just using a condom.

Do dog love like humans?

Technically yes, but I would suggest using a condom.

Can a teen fall in love with an adult on sims 3?

Nope. Teens can fall in love with teens (they CAN'T GET PREGNANT), and adults, young adults, and elders can fall in love with each other.

How did Aphrodite make people fall in love?

aphrodite made people fall in love by using her magical girdle. This made mortals and gods fall in love with her.

Is it possible for a girl to get pregnant while using a condom?

yes! some guys, 'love' their girls so much that they will take a safety pin and stab a hole in the condom before sex, because he's scared she'll leave and thinks she wont if shes pregnant. also, since the condom i being rubbed so, it can naturally rip during sex. and even if you 'take it out before you come' there is pre-cum, you don't feel it, or even see it most of the time.

Wearing acondom at age 16 is ok?

Absolutely 100% o.k.! No glove, no love!!! I got pregnant at 15, wish the guy who did it to me had worn a condom!!!!

Can you fall in love online?

Well its hard but if you do fall in love its ok i fell in love on nicktropolis i saw her photo on my space and it was like beutiful but when i got her number i found out she was a liar and she is just using me so get to really know them even know she is using me i still love her!!! And i guess no its not good to fall in love onlineNo. Falin in love online is called False love. You can not love someone if you have not met them before. It is not possible.

What is a sentence using the word propensity?

She has a propensity to fall in love quickly

Did scully and mudler fall in love in x-files?

Yes, they did. SPOILERS Mulder and Scully fall in love and start dating. Then Scully discovers she is pregnant. They get married and have a baby together.

My boyfriend and i have never made love with a condom but I'm still not pregnant why?

You are playing pregnancy roulette. You can have sex many many times without protection and not get pregnant, but if you are both fertile, there will come a time when you will get pregnant. It's simply a matter of playing the odds.

What actors and actresses appeared in Condom and Love Movie - 2009?

The cast of Condom and Love Movie - 2009 includes: Vincent Marie as Journaliste

Can you make love without getting pregnant?

Well, it really depends. What type of sex(Vaginal?, Anal?, Oral?) Are you using condoms or birth control? Basically if and sperm enters the Vagina your women can get pregnant. If you use a condom correctly and your women is on birth control the chances of getting pregnant are VERY low. But still possible...... The only way to completely 100% fetus free is no sex.

When will one fall in love?

You never know when you will fall in love, but don't try to rush anything. When you fall in love will be when you fall in love.

How do you get somebody to fall in love with you?

you don't get someone to fall in love with you you let them fall in love with you.

You are thirteen and you and your boyfriend love each other very much If you are on the pill and he is wearing a condom is it safe?

You are certainly safe from getting pregnant. I am not sure about the cultural, and legal implication though.

Can you fall in love?

Of course you can fall in love...everyone in this whole world have to fall in love with someone

Can bisexual be pregnant?

Bisexuality means you fall in love with both men and women. It does not change your anatomy so of course you have kids.

When your in love is there a way to fall out of it?

No and Yes because when your in love you wont fall out of it but if you think your in love butyour not you can fall out of it because your not actualy in love.......

Do Amy really love ricky?

To tell you the truth she is falling for him because after Adrian was pregnant from Ben then Amy doesn't fall for Ben any more, she starts to fall for Ricky.

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