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No you can not get Halo for the PS3 or Wii


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No Halo is a Xbox 360 game

Because it wasn't like any of the other halos, it was a stratigy game

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Halo 3? Simple Go to any game Stop nearby. I promise you that there is a whole bunch of halos. Not just halo 3.

No, there are no halos for the ps3

Bungie created it and Microsoft Game Studios published it

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In gamestop that place has any game for any game system!

There is no way to connect any DS system to any Game Boy systems.

You can go to and search any game for any system and you will get your cheats.

Yes. GBA systems are not region-locked. Any system can play any game from any region, regardless of where it was purchased.

NO it depends on the game system

the first halo ring in halo 1 got destroyed but i dont no about any other halos

Horns and Halos - 2002 is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:13

No You can never change any game. You change the console or PC to play a game with emulation programs or you redevelop a new version of the game for the other system

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No, nintendogs is exclusive to the Nintendo DS

No the Nintendo Wii game will not play in any system but the Wii and that is why it is called a Wii game same with every other system except for a few backward compatible systems that play games from earlier model of the same system

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