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Can i hook up a temp and oil pressure gauge up in a 1993 Toyota Camry where are the senders for the temp gauge and the oil pressure gauge at on the motor because i want a oil pressure gauge in my car?


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Yes you can Hook up a Temp and Oil pressure Gauge, if memory serves our car had a 6 Cyl or a 4 Cyl.
Suggest you get this manual [http://www.themotorbookstore.com/toycamav19.html Toyota Camry, Avalon Repair & Service Manual 1992-1996] to help with finding the locations of the sending units on your engine.
As to the Gauges try [http://www.glowshiftdirect.com/index.asp Glow Shift Direct] they may also have a universal mount that you can use on your Camry. Good Luck and Remember.
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