Can i live till the end of time?

Assuming you mean 'end of time on this planet': scientists predict that the Earth will continue to exist for another 4 to 5 billion years in some form, although in its last billion year that form will be with a surface of liquid magma with a temperature of over 2,000 degrees Celsius.

For the Earth with an ability to support most of life as we know it today the 'end of time' will be much sooner, namely some 600 million years from now. By then oceans will be partly vanished and temperatures will have risen to temperatures we were not made to endure.

But chances are considerable that long, long before that, the human as a species will simply have vanished from the face of the Earth, just like most animal species before us. All the dinosaurs species taken together existed for "only" some 165 million years, and even the longest-surviving species of any single kind of land mammal never existed longer than 50 million years.

It is however very improbable that the human race will continue to exist for that long. And that's not even taking into consideration the statistically considerable chance that some natural or man-made disaster will wipe us out within say next few hundred thousand years.

So you pick your own 'end of time'. Should a large meteor hit the Earth in ten year's time, you may well live to see that end. If you hope you might live on for the next 600 million years or 5 billion years, I have bad news for you.