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It takes more than a big penis to have good sex. If you know what you are doing, you can satisfy a woman and never use your penis.


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Let me tell you, If she's got a penis of any size she is not a girl.

yes it is possible that you can satisfy any woman with a 3 inch dick it doesnt matter what size you are it just matters if you know how to use it

It should be enough to please any girl but it all depends on how the girl gets her satisfaction from sex. If she is understanding she will help you find a position that gives full penetration in intercourse.

Unfortunately you will not be able to satisfy your wife, or any woman, sexually with a 3" penis. You will have to work on your other skills such as touch, caressing, oral, etc. Even 2 inch penis is long enough to reach the G Spot, so work at it - you will be able to satisfy her. Good luck!

A curved penis can satisfy a woman as much as any other penis. As long as you can get it in, and can do your thing, then you can satisfy her. Girls are more satisfied by how you use your penis than the length or straightness of it.

only if the 4 inch penis is erect, any erect penis that releases sperm up a female v**** can and most likely will...

Any size. There is no magic number.

If the relationship is OK, any penis will do. If the relationship is rocky, no penis will save it.

Yes, an 8 centimeter penis can participate in sex without any problems.

I highly doubt you have a 18 inch penis and yes, it would be to long for any female's vagina.

That size penis is far too small to satisfy any woman.

Any standard condom will accomodate a 5 inch penis.

They will do nothing to increase your size and may even interfere with your normal development. There is no pill, cream, medicine, machine or voodoo that is going to increase the size of any-ones penis. If there was, we would all have 12 inch ones. Size is not all-important, it's what you do with it! Even a 3 inch penis can satisfy a woman.

Yes it is To tell you the truth any penis size id good as long as you know how to use it! a 4 inch penis can he better than a 6 inch if the person knows how to use it

There really isn't one, if the love is there you can always find a way to satisfy. Besides, the most sensitive areas are right at the opening, so getting "all the way in" doesn't add that much. Many women even find that uncomfortable.

She sure can, if there was any ejaculate or pre-ejaculate on or around the penis at the time.

A women (not girl) does not lose her virginity, she gains the experience of having sex - it's a sexual debut - and you cannot 'make' her have sex, she can only have sex when she consents. A women can have sex with someone with a penis of any size, or a person without a penis at all - sex is not just penis-to-vaginal intercourse, if it were we'd have millions of lesbian virgins.

6 Inches of penis I think your saying! Yeaa any kind of sex is heaven and to get any penis is the best for a girl! If I could have sex with 6 inches of penis everyday I would be the happiest girl on earth! (.)(.)

this is not a very big problem you can remove this problem by reguler hand saking or any guy /girl suck your penis twoise in a day ok be happy

Any penis would unless maybe you had erectile dysfunction or an extremely small penis.

Assuming the girl is STD free, then the answer is no.

Sure, but he shouldn't expect any women to talk to him.

That is an above average size (for any age) but penis' come in many shapes and sizes.

For any age a 6.5 inch penis is slightly bigger than average. If your penis isn't already done growing it probably will be in a couple of years. 6.5 inches is good though and is a size that you can feel proud of.

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