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Can i sue for slander?

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yes, but why would you do that unless you might win? As with any lawsuit, you have the burden of proving the facts necessary to show the defendant slandered you and that it caused you some sort of damage. Because slander is oral, you will need witnesses or a recording of what was said.

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What is a sentence for slander?

Slander is an offence.I will sue you for slander.Journalists must be careful not to slander anybody.

What is it called when you sue for rumors?


Can you sue someone for spoiling your reputation?

Yes, you can sue someone for spoiling your reputation. This is called slander. A person can file slander charges on their own or hire an attorney.

Can you sue a company for slander for being called a thief and liar and accused of stealing?

Depending on the jurisdiction, you probably can sue for slander, unless you are proven to be a thief and a liar.

How easy is it to sue for slander?

Slander is a term used for spoken defamation of an individual. In order to sue for Slander an individual must be able to prove that the accused made untrue statements, and affected the accuser negatively (caused harm).

Can you sue an state investigator for slander?

you can sue anyone for almost anything these days, if you have proof go for it!!

Can a student sue the school for a teacher's slander?

yes he/she can. if the teachers a bad teacher, feel free to sue them

Can you sue someone for slander for spreading verbal rumors?

Yes, that is what slander is. You will need to prove damages in order to win the case though.

Can you get your landlord for being slanderous?

You can get (sue) anyone for slander: your landlord is no different.

Can an adult sue for slander from a child?

No. You have to prove the child knew what they were doing.

If you post a sign accusing a business of illegal practices can someone sue you?

If you make false accusations, they can sue you for slander.

Can a singer sue someone for disrespecting them on a song?

I don't think so but slander does come to mind. They might be able to take them to court for slander but that's about it.

If a civil action of fraud is proven to be false in a court can the defendant sue for slander?


Can you file charges against someone for lying under oath about you?

You can certainly sue them for slander.

Someone told a secret that is true but detrimental to your reputation can you sue them?

Yes, you can sue. No, you won't win. In a libel or slander case, the truth is a defense.

How do you sue your former employer for slander and wrongful termination?

Talk to a lawyer who specializes in employer relations.

Can you sue a child for slander against another child?

Pretty much no, a minor cannot be sued.

Can you sue if a person is calling friends and lying about you?

Certainly, it is called slander and is brought as a civil suit.

How can you sue for libel?

libel is like slander, the difference between the two is slander is verbal and libel is written.Hire an attorney and file the claim. You will have to show damages as a result of the libel.

Can you press charges for slander?

no not realy unless its extremely inappropriate information about you .Added:"Pressing charges" refers to holding someone criminally liable for their actions. Slander is not a crime. Slander is a civil action, for which you may be able to sue, depending on the facts and circumstances.

How do you clear your name in Sims 3 late night if your falsely accused?

Go to the courthouse and sue for slander.

What can you do when your landlord is lying about you to other landlords while you are trying to find a new home?

You can sue the landlord for slander.

Can you sue a client for continuing slanderous remarks?

Yes, slander is illegal and a sueable offense in the United States.

What is the law that protects you from false information about oneself?

The laws of Libel and Slander are usually the ones used to sue someone for spreading false information about one's self. The laws of Libel and Slander are usually the ones used to sue someone for spreading false information about one's self.

How do you use the word Slander in a sentence?

It would be slander to say something untrue about a person's moral character.The banker sued for slander against a customer who claimed the banker was a pedophile.The newspaper printed a story about the mayor that was slander.