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Yes you can take pictures on your Nextel camera phone and send it to your friends as long as you have the MMS messaging in your phone plan.

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Q: Can i take pictures on nextel camera phones and sent them to my friends?
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Does nextel have good camera phones?

Nextel does not have good camera phones. Most of their phones are cheap, but usually rugged. This makes them able to withstand outdoor work in the elements.

What is the best place to buy nextel camera phones?

The best place to buy Nextel Camera phones is at or because you can buy used products, and you can see what others are saying about it.

What are features on multifunctional phones that could help with social life?

camera for pictures with friends

When did nextel phones come out?

What year did Nextel come out

Can you text on nextel phones?

yes, all nextel phones are able to text message.

Where can one go to buy Nextel phones?

Nextel phones can be purchased at online retailers such as Amazon and E-bay. Nextel phones can also be purchased offline at Sprint stores nationwide.

Can Tracfone phones take pictures?

Any Tracfone phone with a camera has the ability to take pictures. Though, not all Tracfone phones have cameras.

Can you text on the i530 nextel?

Yes, all Nextel phones are capable to text messaging.

Which phones have the capability to take a picture?

Cell phones that are capable of taking pictures are known as camera phones. Pictures can be taken from many angles and the resolution can be adjusted according to preference.

Are nextel cell phones expensive?

Nextel cellphones are competitively priced when compared to brands similar to the phones they offer. It really depends on the type of phone you are looking for and what capabilities you need with your phone. I have seen Nextel phones priced between $4.99 and $199.99.

Does Sprint carry Motorola Nextel phones?

Yes, sprint does carry Motorola Nextel phones. These phones are standard with many companies, and can be purchased just as any other brand of a phone.

Can camera cell phones produce high quality photos?

Some take very good pictures, but not the quality you will get from a DSLR camera. The pictures are not going to be as good.

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