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Yes you can take pictures on your Nextel camera phone and send it to your friends as long as you have the MMS messaging in your phone plan.

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Does nextel have good camera phones?

Nextel does not have good camera phones. Most of their phones are cheap, but usually rugged. This makes them able to withstand outdoor work in the elements.

What is the best place to buy nextel camera phones?

The best place to buy Nextel Camera phones is at www.ebay.com or www.amazon.com because you can buy used products, and you can see what others are saying about it.

Can you text on nextel phones?

yes, all nextel phones are able to text message.

When did nextel phones come out?

What year did Nextel come out

Can Tracfone phones take pictures?

Any Tracfone phone with a camera has the ability to take pictures. Though, not all Tracfone phones have cameras.

Can you text on the i530 nextel?

Yes, all Nextel phones are capable to text messaging.

Are nextel cell phones expensive?

Nextel cellphones are competitively priced when compared to brands similar to the phones they offer. It really depends on the type of phone you are looking for and what capabilities you need with your phone. I have seen Nextel phones priced between $4.99 and $199.99.

Does Sprint carry Motorola Nextel phones?

Yes, sprint does carry Motorola Nextel phones. These phones are standard with many companies, and can be purchased just as any other brand of a phone.

Where is it possible to purchase all Nextel cell phones?

Nextel cell phones can be purchased from the vendor Sprint Nextel itself. Phones can also be obtained from a variety of retailers such as Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, Walmart, Overstock, Sears and many other places.

Can camera cell phones produce high quality photos?

Some take very good pictures, but not the quality you will get from a DSLR camera. The pictures are not going to be as good.

What are the costs of nextel phone deals?

You can find many nextel phone deals. You could call their customer support line to find out more about them. You could also try to see what phones your friends have and see what deals that they have.

Does the Nextel Motorola OEM Auto Car Cell Phone Charger work only on Motorola phones?

Along with Nextel Motorola phones, this charger is also compatible with Boost Mobile i875 phones.

What are the advantages disadvantages of camera phones?

The main advantage to a camera phone is most people always have their phones with them and can instantly upload the pictures. The disadvantages are running out of space and the quality is not professional.

Are camera phones good enough for me to throw out my regular camera?

With new technology, cell phones are now taking very good pictures. Having a regular camera is still a good choice for vacations and special occasions though.

Do nextel phones work for AT and T?

No, they do not. I have tried this myself. It does not work.

Who is the maker of the Nextel I880?

Nextel I880 is a line of cell phones which are made by Nextel Communications, Inc. The phone can be bought from many phone stores both offline and online.

Who made camera phones?

Who invented camera phones?

Can a smart phone receive pictures?

Yes it can receive pictures like any other polyphonic phones. It has a high definition camera and usually have 8 megapixel camera. Good for photo addicts.

Where or what is considered to be a nextel?

Nextel is a cellular phone company. They offer the walkie talkie phones that are used with the "push to talk" option. The company merged with Sprint and now the phones are all Sprint products.

What phones can you put a boost mobile sim card in besides the boost phones?

Boost mobile sim cards will only work with boost mobile on the nextel network nextel is a iden network standalone that will not roam on gsm networks because nextel is a iden network

Can you send pictures to an email from a camera If yes, which one?

Most cell phones have a built in camera taht will allow you to send a picture via email.

Where can I buy the i850 Nextel phone?

You can buy the i850 nextel phone from any nextel outlet which offers their services. You can also buy these phones online, at either ebay or amazon.com you might find it.

The Benefits Of Picture Phones?

Picture phones (or camera phones) are a great way to physically share with your friends what you're doing or where you are at. You'll know if your phone is a camera phone if you see a small camera lens anywhere on your phone. Most camera phones allow you to send your photos to other friends who can receive photos via multimedia messaging, or MMS. With some phones you can even upload your photos to social networks and send to e-mail contacts. Likewise, if somebody you know has a picture phone they may also send pictures back to you, and you can receive them on your phone. Keep in mind that some carriers do charge to send and receive picture messages, so if you're not sure call up your company and ask.

Can you use nextel sim cards in sprint phones?

No. Sprint phones do not have sim cards, Unless you it is the Hybrid phone. In that case you will not be able to use a sim card from a normal nextel phone in the hybrid phone either.

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