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No. The reason for this is that dark chocolate is sweeter and if its to sweet it destroys the taste. If you really want to use normal dark chocolate you may have to put only 3 quarters of the actual amount.

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โˆ™ 2008-09-09 07:05:55
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Q: Can i use dark chocolate instead of dark cooking chocolate?
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Can you use dark chocolate instead of semisweet chocolate for cooking?


What can you use instead of cocoa in cakes?

Melted dark chocolate

Can i use dark chocolate instead of semi sweet?

Yes you can. Dark chocolate and semi-sweet have essentially the same consistency, and therefore bake at about the same rate.

Is My ordered dark chocolate but it was not yet in my hand grammatically correct?

This sentence is not written in correct grammar. It should say I ordered dark chocolate instead of My ordered. You could also use a comma with the conjunction "but". "I ordered dark chocolate, but is was not yet in my hand."

Can you use dark chocolate instead of sweet chocolate when making frosting?

of course! it just will taste different. it will be a more rich and deep flavored instead of light and fluffy like silk.

Can you use normal milk chocolate instead of bittersweet chocolate?

You can but it's not a good substitution in baking. You really need bittersweet or dark chocolate to give the chocolate intensity, which becomes diluted in baking recipes.

What can you use instead of chocolate chips?

chocolate bars

Is there another word to use for bittersweet chocolate?

Dark chocolate

Can you use normal chocolate as cooking chocolate?

Yes you can i made cake but i used normal chocolate and melted it

What does someone use chocolate powder for?

Someone might use chocolate powder in cooking such as baking a cake. You can also use chocolate powder for making hot chocolate or a chocolate milkshake.

What can I use instead of chocolate?

If you can't eat milk chocolate because you are allergic to milk, try pure dark chocolate (not the regular kind you can buy in any store, but specialty dark chocolate). If you can't eat any chocolate - poor soul - then a great alternative is carob chocolate, which is not actually chocolate. Still tastes pretty convincing, though.

How can you use dark chocolate in your diet?


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