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To neutralize a strong acid you need a weak alkali. You've done enough damage, so I would stay away from anything that says caustic on it or you're going to end up blind or gassed. Try a box of Bicarbonate of Soda first. Or just slam it with buckets of water and dilute it.

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How much the quantity of caustic soda required for neutralizing hydrochloric acid?

the same amount.i.e.,hydrochloric acid reacts with caustic soda in the ratio 1/ if their concentrations are the same the amount of caustic soda required to neutralize hydrochloric acid will be same as that of amount of hydrochloric acid.

How much baking soda do you need to neutralize small amount of car battery acid?

Sprinkle enough to cover the acid.

How much baking soda do you need to neutralize small amount of battery acid?

Just cover the acid with baking soda and let it sit overnight.

Why is important of applying plenty of water accidentally spill an acid in your skin?

Actually applying plenty amount of water in an accidentally spilled acid on a skin really helps. Maybe because water can take away a certain amount of spilled acid on your skin and helps on minimizing the irritation or wound you may get on that acid. But I think the best way is to add a small amount of weak basic substances to neutralize the acid. That's it.

How many glasses of water will neutralize a can of soda?

The amount of water that will neutralize a can of soda will depend on the size. However, an 8 oz. soda will require 845 ounces of water to neutralize.

When is alkali used to calm a acid?

Neutralize, you mean :) An equal amount of an acid and an alkali will neutralize to produce water and a corresponding salt. ;)

What are the effects of caustic acid on the skin?

An acid cannot be caustic. Dangerous acids are what is known as "corrosive." It is dangerous basics that are "caustic." When you come across a substance which is labeled as caustic or corrosive, an equal amount of care should be taken to protect yourself, neither is less dangerous than the other.

What is caustic dish soap?

Caustic dish soap is a detergent for cleaning dishes that contains some form of washing soda, like baking soda. Caustic dish soap is designed to minimize the amount of grease residue left on dishes and in the dishwater. Caustic dish soap should be used with protective gloves to minimize dryness of the skin.

What is a battery life?

A battery life is the amount of time a battery will last.

What is the total amount of oil spilled in the Gulf of Mexico?

11million gallons of oil was spilt

How can you neutralize too salty chili?

add a small amount teaspoon of sugar to taste

How can you neutralize an acidic substance?

By adding the same (stechiometrically) amount of a (strong enough) base

How much oil spills in the water?

Probably the amount that is spilled into the water....just guessing though.

How do you neutralize ammonium hydroxide?

By adding about an equivalent amount of stron acid: NH3 + H+ --> NH4+

Can i charge my Iphone when it has a good amount of battery?

Yes, you can charge your iPhone when it has a good amount of battery. However, you should avoid charging the phone until it is low in battery, to prolong the battery life.

Would it take the same amount of base to neutralize a weak acid as it would a strong acid?

The amount of base depends on the chemical formula of the acid.

What is amount of caustic required to adjust pH of solution?

This depends on the desired pH, volume of solution, initial pH, etc.

If I spilled coffee or other liquids onto the cartridge, will it still work?

The cartridge should still work as long as there wasnt a lot spilled on it. If it was a small amount of liquid you should be able to wipe it off and continue to use it. If it was a large amount the liquid most likely damaged the ribbon.

Can you put sodium hydroxide into a lead acid battery?

If you wanted to neutralize the acid in a lead acid battery, you could add sodium hydroxide. Depending on how much you add, you could cause a violent reaction to occur. For example, if you add a large amount of NaOH too fast, you could cause the liquid to boil. You could also vaporize the acid in the battery by the heat released during the neutralization process.

Why does milk splatters when spilled on the floor?

milk splatters because the amount of space it spills in is greater than it density

What temperature will the greatest amount of time pass before someone detects the odor of a spilled can of tuna fish?


What do you add to and acid in a neutralisation reaction?

To neutralize an acid you must add the right amount of alkali to get a pH of 7.

Can you put caustic soda in a car battery?

All of the below assume you are talking about a regular wet lead-acid battery. If you are talking about other types, please ignore! Ok, back to the question: Well you can, a TINY pinch can help dissolve sulphation when the battery is next charged and warms up. However a SMALL pinch only (it will neutralise some of the acid as well as hopefully removing some of the sulphation, converting it to sodium sulphate). EDTA or epsom Salts tend to be worth considering if you are going to put something in your battery. With both, dissolve in a small amount of water around a teaspoon per cell (for typical car battery). Do NOT just plonk in the cell as epson salts especially do not dissolve well in acid - but dissolve ok in water - especially if hot. If you google for "battery desulphation" you will find other ideas if that is your problem - if you do not have a sulphated battery, then I wonder why you want to add caustic soda.

What is the amount of push provided by the battery?

The amount of "push" provided by a battery is its electromotive force (emf). In common alkaline batteries, the emf is 1.5 volts.

How much oil is in the Gulf of Mexico?

The volume of the amount of Crude oil spilled is up to 100,000 barrels per day.