Can ice freeze in a refrigerator?

Ice is already frozen, but if you mean can you make ice in a refrigerator, the answer is yes provided it has a freezing compartment.

well... since ice is already frozen i am not sure what you are trying to ask
<P>if you mean will water freeze then yes it can most refrigerators should be kept between 32 and 40 degrees if it is over then your food could spoil if it is too close to 32 then water could possibly freeze from being too cold
<P>also if you have food or liquid in a fridge tht is right next to a freezer then if ur food is in the fridge on the side closest to the freezer it could freeze from being to cold since it is sitting on the side next to the frezer lol and if u feel the little wall thingy if you have tht kind of fridge then tht wall is always very cold more so thn the wall on the other side if tht makes any sense...??
<P> To-Bee</P>