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Yes it can, but only slight brown spotting.

everyone's different mine was pink blood but some people think every one Implantation blood has to be the same as there's which annoys me from the person at the top. Implantation bleeding can last few days I did some research it said 1-3 days but maybe 4 for you ok Hope I help by the way everyone's Implantation bleeding is different some are brown/pink/red or thick/stringy even some can be spotting or blood in discharge so just ignore those people who say what there's look like every women is different ok

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Q: Can implantation bleeding from pregnancy last four days?
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Is it implantation bleeding if you have been spotting light pink for four days and this morning it was light brown and light pink but your period is not due for five days?

Not necessarily no but implantation bleeding can appear as the bleeding you've described. Implantation bleeding will occur 6-12 days after intercourse. If you suspect pregnancy, see your doctor for a pregnancy blood test.

If your period is four days early and ends in three days is that implantation bleeding?

It is possible but implantation bleeding is usually just spotting on one day rather than period like bleeding.

Could you be pregnant if you are 10 days late for your period but have had pinkish spotting for four days?

pink spotting is a pregnancy sign you could be well pregnant its called Implantation bleeding

Can you get implantation bleeding four days after sex also when i wipe after peeing i get this burning feeling is that anything to do with implantation bleeding i was five days late am i still late or?

No this is too early for implantation bleeding. It sounds like you have a urinary tract infection. This will cause vaginal bleeding in severe cases. Please see your doctor.

Could you be pregnant if there is light vaginal bleeding four days after sex?

It doesn't sound likely, though it may be implantation bleeding.

Is spotting of light pink blood for four days beginning 10 days after your period more likely to be implantation bleeding or caused by fribroids in your uterus?

The bleeding may be caused by either of the things you mentioned. Implantation bleeding usually occurs 6-12 days after you last had unprotected sex.

Could you be pregnant if your period is four days late but you've been spotting brownish and then light pink discharge for the last four days?

Hi, Yes you could be pregnant. Based on what you said and the way you described the bleeding, it does sound a LOT like implantation bleeding. If this is implantation bleeding then you cannot do a pregnancy test yet because it will be far too early. Implantation bleeding occurs 8-12 days after unprotected sex and is your bodys way of telling you the Embryo has now implanted itself in your Uterus and began releasing HCG. During this time you can experience pregnancy symptoms. Do a test in 2 weeks or if you see your doctor, he can perform a blood test which will be accurate now.

Is it normal to have implantation bleeding with a few pregnancy symptoms and then no symptoms at all but your period is 4 days late?

At four days late you will only be getting a few symptoms. They will probably come and go as your body surges with hormones. I wouldn't worry unless you experience some bleeding.

My last period came a week early lasted for four days it was light-heavy-light I have taken four pregnancy tests since then and they were all negative was that implantation bleeding?

As far as I'm concerned implantation bleeding supposed to be light,not like a normal period,light-heavy-light,wich sounds like what u had,but I could be wrong.Try taking a HPT,and if comes back neg,try again a few days or even a week later.

Do you bleed after conception?

Some women will have three to four days of bleeding around 48 hrs after conception known as implantation blood.

Is bleeding in early pregnancy a normal part of pregnancy?

yes, it could be implantation bleeding. Plus many women have their "periods" all through the pregnancy. To begin with, it is said that roughly 30% of knowingly pregnant women experience some kind of bleeding during early pregnancy.There are many reasons for bleeding in early pregnancy, but having a 'period' isn't one of them. It is impossible to have an actual period during pregnancy due to the absence of a menstrual cycle. I realize that the above person used the word 'period' in quotes, but they are still mistaken in stating that many women bleed all throughout their pregnancy. Bleeding all throughout pregnancy--and particularly later on--would certainly be a cause for concern. But at any rate, here are some reasons for bleeding in early pregnancy (and by 'early' I mean the entire first trimester):It is said that something known as 'implantation bleeding' can occur sometime around the third or fourth week of pregnancy, at around the same time your period would normally have occurred. For this reason, some women may mistake implantation bleeding for a period and may not realize they are pregnant. Having said this, however, if you are spotting at 6, 7, 8... or 11 weeks, it cannot be implantation bleeding. (I am actually tired of people all over the place saying "it's probably implantation bleeding" since 'early pregnancy' is not limited to the first four weeks and thus this can be a misleading answer for someone bleeding around Week 7.)Bleeding can be a sign of miscarriage. They say that approximately 50% of women who bleed during the first trimester go on to miscarry. (Of course that means that the other approximate 50% do not.) Many times (but not always) bleeding during miscarriage is accompanied by cramps, often severe.There can be other causes as well--decidual bleeding, cervical erosion, ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy, subcorionic hematoma... Some of these causes are more serious than others, and I suggest that if you are concerned you do some further research to learn more about each cause.If the bleeding is heavy, accompanied by pain, or lasts more than 3 days, call your provider.

Am a week late have heavy chest and painful lower backache feeling sick and had a small amount of brown bleeding for four days thought this was implantation bleeding had two negative tests?

Please see a doctor.

Are you pregnant if your period was late for four days?

No - if you menstruated then you cannot be pregnant. Women can however experience vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, if really concerned take a pregnancy test.

What is implantation and can you have it four days after ovulating?

Implantation occurs when the fertilized embryo attaches to the wall of the uterus. Prior to this it was fertilized in one of your fallopian tubes. Implantation occurs 4-8 days after ovulation.

Can a period be mistaken for implantation bleeding?

Yes. This happened to me. I thought I was having a lighter, longer period which lasted a whole week. I didn't find out until my period was due the following month that I was pregnant. I thought I was four weeks pregnant. Several weeks later during an ultrasound I was informed that I was four weeks further along than I had thought. I had mistaken the implantation bleeding for my period! No where in any of my research did I see anything about implantation bleeding lasting that long. Most of the information I found said it lasts hours or possibly a day and only 1/4 of women experience implantation bleeding.

Could you be pregnant if you had cramping was four days late then had brown discharge then bright red bleeding on same day which lasted for four days then brown spotting for two days?

I would think not, I've been late in the past, but it doesn't always mean you're pregnant, especially as you've had bleeding. Take a pregnancy test!!

How many Days conceive pregnancy?

four days

How many days after your period are you safe from pregnancy?

four four

Was there a pregnancy if you took two pregnancy tests both positive but four days later started bleeding and cramping and then took another test and it was negative?

Two positive pregnancy tests usually don't lie. Sounds like a possible miscarriage.

Can you have your period 4 days after conception?

Ovulation generally occurs 14 days before your period is due so no, you should not be menstruating that close to possibly conceiving. There is also no way to know if you conceived four days after sex, a pregnancy does not begin until implantation about 10 days after ovulation.

Period was four days late arrived light but you have been feeling really sick and tired for a couple of weeks why?

It is possible that you could have mistaken your period for implantation bleeding. You should probably consider taking a pregnacny test.

What causes your period to be four days late?


When does pregnancy test show positive?

A serum (blood) hCG will show positive about four days after implantation, at the time a zygote officially becomes an embryo, a urine hCG takes about 3 more days to show positive - which corresponds to your period being 7 days late.hCG is THE hormone marker for human pregnancy, it starts rising with implantation, doubling every two to three days - the "normal level" varies greatly from woman to woman and pregnancy to pregnancy, so what the level is, is not greatly important as long as it continues rising for the first trimester.The exception is a multiple pregnancy, the level rises rapidly - to be very high for dates (how far into the pregnancy you are) and stays elevated.

How long should you wait to take a HPT if your period was supposed to start on July 3rd but you started bleeding on the 30th of June and bled off and on for four days?

If you are bleeding on and off for 4 days, it sounds more like an early period. If you are getting other symptoms of pregnancy you could take a test now.

Can an EPT determine pregnancy within three to four days?

No. Seven days is about the minimum.

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