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Can insurance co remove child from family policy if ill after the fact?


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Generally, if the child became ill after the policy became effective and was a covered insured on the policy, then the insurance company should not be able to drop coverage. If the child became ill due to a pre-existing condition that was not disclosed at the time of the policy write up, it is usually considered fraudulant information and the child can be declined coverage. Again, this is not a definative answer. Laws vary state to state. Check with your state's department of insurance for an accurate answer.


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Absolutely; a step child is legitimately a member of a family and can be insured, or can be the beneficary of a family insurance policy, just like a biological child.

In medical insurance, the policy holder of the policy is not automatically the guarantor of a step child. To become the guarantor of the child a formal adoption should have taken place, or the child can be added to the policy.

Normally, your child can withdraw their life insurance when they are 18. However, this may vary from policy to policy and between different insurance companies.

If you add the child as a driver on the policy.

Yes you can, Ask your insurance company for a Named Driver Exclusion. This will allow your child to stay on your policy(just in case) with out being charged for that child!

A life insurance policy can be had from 0 age (child policy) to a person of maximum 65 years (pension policy).

yes, if the child has a good enough reason.

In the state of Texas you do not have to list your child on your policy. If living in your home you can enlist a separate policy for that child. If living in another home it is never a requirement to have them on your policy although there are some policies which certain insurance companies write which require the child on your policy while living in your residence.

Just call up your insurance company/agent, and tell them that you request his name to be removed from your policy. They will then issue you a new policy w/ id cards. Some insurance companies require that the 18 year old has acquired auto insurance elsewhere before removing them from the parent's policy. This may prove difficult for the parent who may be forced by the insurance company to carry auto insurance on their child indefinitely until such a time when insurance can be obtained.

I highly doubt it. If the child is not on the policy, then sorry to say, they're not covered. You will need to go in and put them on the policy, if you want that is...

No it started stricktly as a one child family program.

If you have all the information you need to give the company it shouldn't take more than about a three minute phone call.

A parent or other adult can purchase insurance for a minor. A minor might not be able to make the payments on a policy.

If you can show your insurance co. that your child lives on their own AND has their own car insurance, you should be able to get your child OFF of your policy

The policy is one couple one child, but there are plans to make it two children.

I doubt it. He/she is probably no longer in your household, which is generally the boundary of your policy.

there are many punishments for the one child policy: the second child will not be registered no child benefits for parents for the second child the government could fine the family

my parents had an insurance for me when i was a child. how do i find out if their is a policy out there . i don't want to contact Met life, i want to see if i could find out on-line

If the child is over age 18, then the parent is not responsible for the child's medical bills. The child is legally responsible for anything that the insurance policy did not pay.

That depends on weather or not your 17 year old has their insurance on the parents policy. It will go up if the child is on the parents policy, but if the child has their own policy, it won't. But it will be cheaper if the child is added on to the parents policy. My husband is a North Carolina State Trooper so I know alot about insurance. Also, call around and go online for the cheapest rates.

If he is driving a vehicle that owned by the parents it is advisable that he remain on the insurance policy.

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