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Can insurance companies charge a 'policy fee'?

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Insurance Policy fees Yes, most insurance contracts have a state approved associated policy fee and in the USA several other government mandated fees and taxes imposed by law that the insuring company must collect for your state.

State mandated fees include state run vehicle anti theft programs, various fire prevention funds, storm preparedness, youth fire hazard education programs carried out in schools and more. Most states have various fees that are required on every insurance policy issued in the state.

You can always refuse to pay the associated fees. but of course, since most of them are required by law, it won't do much good because the company would simply have to decline your application for coverage. It would be illegal for the insurance company not to collect fees that are mandated by law.

Every Insurance Company in the USA is required by law to provide full disclosure of all fees and taxes. They are always disclosed as required by law in every US State and are not additional to the price quoted. The price the company quotes you already has any and all fees included so they are not added at some other time. If the Insurance company chose not to assign the policy fee, then those production costs would have to be factored into the per unit of coverage cost which would result in a higher premium for individuals.

Unfortunately, yes they can. However, you can change ins. companies and ask prior that you get an agreement in writing stating all charges and clearly indicates there will never be any "add-on" charges at a later date such as a policy fee.

The insurance rate (the cost per unit of insurance) translates to a premium by multiplying that rate times the number of units purchased (for example, per $100 of coverage). In most states and for most types of insurance, the insurance regulator is required to approve the insurance rate to ensure that it is adequate (to compensate it for the risk assumed) and neither excessive, inadequate, nor unfairly discriminatory. A policy fee proposed to be charged by the insurer will be reviewed by the regulator to make sure that it is reasonable and does not violate the excessive, inadequate, or unfairly discriminatory rule.

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Can an insurance agent charge a policy fee in addition to the policy fee charged by the wholesaler?


How many days do you have to cancel an auto insurance contract?

Many companies will only charge you for the exact number of days that an auto policy is active. Others will charge you a cancellation fee.

Do rental car companies charge for spouse?

Some companies will charge you for listing extra drivers. In general, all rental companies charge for the 2nd driver or spouse. As the renter, you receive no additional benefit from this fee. If you have another car with insurance, it's very likely that your own insurance policy will cover both you and your spouse without purchasing extra insurance or additional driver coverage from the rental company. *Check with your own insurance company to be certain

Can a insurance company charge a change in policy fee every time you add or drop a vehicle?

If you change vehicles on your policy it will create a difference in insurance premium. You will receive a bill or a refund for the difference in the premium. There is no policy fee just the premium change.

What are the fees to cancel an auto insurance policy within 24 hours of signing in the state of California?

Some companies will charge you a 10% fee for early cancellation, I would check with them for clarification.

Does your insurance provide some form of truck towing?

This depends on what insurance company and what policy you have. Not all insurance companies include towing on their policy. Many times, you will have to pay for this service for an additional fee each month/year.

Can an insurance producer charge a fee Massachusetts?

An actual insurance producer can NOT charge a fee for assisting in the purchase of insurance. The only way that a fee may be assessed is if the insurance producer is actually a CFP and providing a "fee based" service.Insurance producers are compensated directly by the insurance company who's product they sell.

What companies do car insurance for a learner driver?

Several companies offer car insurance for learner drivers including the AA, Aviva and City Insurance. If the learner driver is going to be learning in a car owned by a qualified driver with their own insurance policy it may be possible to add the learner driver to that policy for a nominal fee.

Can the insurance company charge you to cancel your insurance?

Yes! They can charge you a cancellation fee that is either a flat rate or is a percentage of your total annual premium calculated based on when you cancel. Lots of insurance companies do this although some only charge you to cancel within the first year

Does Alamo rent a car charge for spouse?

In general, all rental companies charge for the 2nd driver or spouse. As the renter, you receive no additional benefit from this fee. If you have another car with insurance, it's very likely that your own insurance policy will cover both you and your spouse without purchasing extra insurance or additional driver coverage from the rental company. *Check with your own insurance company to be certain.

Will your insurance be less when your SR22 is completed?

Some charge a fee for SR22 but it is never much. The companies that offer an sr22 filing with your auto insurance policy will also sell you auto insurance without the filing. Your rate has little to do with the need for an sr22, however the violation that led to the sr22 requirement can effect your rates.

How does the insurance company calculate the amount of premium to refund when a policy is cancelled?

Insurance premiums are calculated for the year. If you cancel your policy refunds are usually issued retroactively. So if you cancel your insurance 6 months into your policy, you wil be refunded for the remaining 6 months. It is usually calculated to a daily value, so you will get a refund for the remaining days left in the year. However, it is up to the insurance compant on what their refund policy is. Some companies will have a cancelation policy of 1 months cost of insurance if you cancel your policy. Most companies however have no fee.

Can an insurance agent charge an application fee for the agency benefit when a new policy is started?

It depends on the state regulations where you reside. I have never heard of this before but I would say that the State Insurance Commissioners Office in your State can give you the correct answer. In Georgia this is not allowed on an auto insurance policy.

Do US companies offer travel insurance to Canadians?

It depends if you have a US citizenship. If you do not then they will charge you an international fee of About $50. It takes a while to get your citizenship though.

Is it common for a commercial insurance agent to charge their client an agency commission fee and also a service fee?

Yes if they are a broker. You will always see a broker fee from your agent and they a fee from the insurance company

Do debt settlement companies usually charge a fee?

Yes, debt settlement companies usually charge a fee. Nothing in this world is free so a debt settlement company does charge. Even though it is ironic it is true.

Do legitimate loan companies charge a fee for a loan?

No, they do not. Such that do are refered to as "advance fee" scams. Best avoided.

Does Kwik Trip charge a fee for an ATM withdrawal?

No, Kwik Trip does not charge a fee, but your bank probably does so make sure to check on your bank's policy.

What is a late charge fee?

A late charge fee is extra money on top of your regular monthly bill that you have to pay should you happen to be late on your insurance payment.

How do you get out of an auto insurance policy early?

If you have an auto insurance policy, and you want to either switch companies or cancel your coverage because your vehicle is no longer in commission, you have the right to do so. While the process of cancelling a policy will vary amongst insurers, most insurers will request a letter of cancellation in writing with your policy number, requested date of cancellation, and your signature to cancel your policy. If your vehicle is non-operable, some states will require proof of the date you reported the vehicle as a non-op to the DMV. If you are switching companies, you may be requested to provide a copy of the declarations page from the new insurer showing the effective date of the policy to backdate the cancellation. While some companies do not charge a fee for cancellation, others will short rate your premium and charge a percentage of the unearned premium if you cancel your contract before renewal.

If a doctor give a patient a 20 percent discount do you have to file the discounted amount to insurance?

Is it the patient or the dentist that is filing for insurance payment? A dentist that is in a network, is contractually required to file the discounted charge given to the patient. Any payment made from the insurer is governed by the terms of the insurance policy. If the policy indicates that the patient files a claim based on the charge and requires a copy of the billing to support the claim, then the patient is bound to report the fee charged, i.e. the discounted fee. If the patient (and/or the doctor) files a charge other than the actual charge, they could be engaged in fraud. Shorter answer not based on law but what is ethical--yes.

What is re-issuance fee in insurance?

This sounds like a reinstatement fee. A reinstatement fee is a fee for reinstating your policy if it has been cancelled for non-payment or some other reason.

Are there any fee to cancel auto insurance in California?

Some companies may charge you for early cancellation, it's best to just stop making the payments and secure coverage for when it runs out.

Are there any fee charges for an auto insurance quote?

No. most of the reputed insurance companies provide you this service free of cost.

Can an insurance agent split fees with an attorney who is also an insurance agent and is not practicing law with the client?

Law is different from state to state. In Florida you can share commissions with anyone who has an insurance license. Or if you charge a fee for insurance services (fee in lieu of commission), you can share the fee with another licensed person.