Can israel's army beat the us army?

The Israeli army is a very good and capable fighting force. However, they would be no match for the the entire U.S. army. They are simply too small. They would be overwhelmed.

the answer above is wrong, and the below answer is the discussion.

Israel can beat the US because of several factors:

Superior AF, weapons, and everything else technological.(WRONG)

better trained soldiers, in every level.(WRONG)

superior intelligence.(WRONG)

superior nukes, and immune against them with the arrow missile.(WRONG)

best tanks, and anti air defenses.(WRONG)

and the us can outnumber Israels. if we need we have 2 million ready for service, and America is unlikely to deploy even 20,000 men there. countries don't just spill their armies out.

and thirdly, they are allies, they will NEVER fight each other, but israel can blo most of America if not all with their arsenal and America and realy do anything about it. (a reader's comment: This is a stupid claim that represents the typical Israeli or pro-Israeli arrogance. It makes you smile. Israeli forces failed over and over and over since 1973 when they were simply decimated and booted out of the Sinai Peninsula by the less technologically advanced Egyptian army. More failures followed: Israel's army finds it difficult to overcome small lightly armed militias, and developed a worldwide terrible reputation by showing power only in civilian unarmed areas)