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It could be, if your period is late then it's probably not too early, unless you had an unusual cycle. after conception, you need about 10 days before you do a blood test to assure accuracy


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Q: Can it be too early for a blood pregnancy test?
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Is 10 days after sex too early to take a blood test for pregnancy?

10 days after sex is too early to do a Qualiative blood test. However it definitely isn't too early to do a Quantitative Beta HCG Blood Test which will measure the amount of HCG present in your blood and is a highly accurate test in confirming pregnancy. You can do this test 5 days after conception.

Can you still be pregnant if your blood test comes out negative?

If the blood test is done too early in the pregnancy, the pregnancy won't be detected. If the blood test was done by a doctor, then he/she knows to do it and obtain an accurate result.

Ok you think you're pregnant because of missed pills but its too early for a blood test and even earlier for an at home test you have been experiencing lower back pain and cramps?

If its too early for a blood test then its definitely too early for pregnancy symptoms. You can have a blood test 7 days after conception has taken place. Missing pills doesn't mean your pregnant but it does put you at 2% risk of pregnancy. See doctor for blood test.

What does it mean when you have pregnancy symptoms and he pregnancy test is negative?

You may be pregnant but took the test too early or its a false negative. A blood type is most accurate.

If you have all pregnancy symptoms but had your period and home pregnancy test showed negative can you be pregnant?

Yes you could have tested too early. Go to your doctor and they may give you a blood test to confirm pregnancy.

Do you know Why sonogram is showing no signs of pregnancy in uterus when pregnancy test comes out positive could it be that I am too early because I had unprotected intercourse on July 11 and 13?

Usually sonograms are not done until 8 weeks of pregnancy. Did you do the home test or blood test? If you are still concerned, ask your doctor for a blood pregnancy test.

Is it too early for doctors in the hospital to tel u if you r pregnant with the blood n urine tests jst 4-5 days after the periods?

With a Urine test - Yes it is too early to tell. With a Quantitative beta HCG pregnancy blood test - No it is not to early. You will need to ask specifically for this test.

Is 10 days after possible conception too early for an accurate result of pregnancy test?

Yes, 10 days is a bit too early for an accurate result of a pregnancy test. You should take a pregnancy test anywhere from 2 weeks to a month for an acurate result on a pregnancy test.

Can pregnancy test pick up pregnancy at the first week?

No,it too early to tell

Is it possible to be too early to take a pregnancy test?


Can a Positive pregnancy test come after a negative pregnancy test?

Yes, because when you took the first pregnancy test it could have been too early in the pregnancy to detect any hCG.

When a blood test is given to determine pregnancy is there something specific doctors look at to tell or can they tell from any blood test?

The look at the HCG level, if it is existant, then you are pregnant. It can test negative if it is too early to tell. How they do this, I am unsure of.

Is it too early to take a pregnancy test or should I wait?

you should wait 2 to 3 weeks after to get a home pregnancy test

Can anemia cause a false negative on a home pregnancy test?

No. The only thing that will cause a false negative on a HPT is testing too early. See your DR for a blood test.

Is it too early to take a blood test for pregnancy if your period is not due for two more weeks?

no it is not too early to take a blood test. Pregnant is pregnant As you ovulate 2 weeks before a period, AND you have to have the egg fertilised, AND it takes 6-10 days for the fertilised egg to implant there is no way a blood test is going to tell you if you are pregnant or not. Pregnant is pregnant only with hindsight.

Can you have a false negative pregnancy test?

Yes if you take the test too early oh probably your hormones are not at the high level to detect the pregnancy

Can you be having signs of pregnancy even if it's too early to take a test?


How early is too early to take a pregnancy test?

my digital pregnancy test came out positive when i was only 10 days pregnant dont ask how but it did! my digital pregnancy test came out positive when i was only 10 days pregnant dont ask how but it did!

Could you be pregnant if you have been feeling nauseous and dizzy for about a week and a half and you are craving sweets but a pregnancy test was negative and did you possibly take the test too early?

Hiya! If you are pregnant then it sounds like you took the test too early hun. I would test in about one or two weeks and see your doctor for a blood test. Good luck.

Wondering if you could be pregnant had drops of blood 4 days ago when your period was due have heartburn gas sweats took 2 pregnancy tests both negative any ideas testing too early?

No, it shouldn't be too early to test. Go to the doctor and get them to do a blood test because it's more reliable

What does it mean when your pregnancy test comes out negetive?

either you are not pregnant or you tested too early.

Can a woman be pregnant and have a negative hcg test?

Yes. Your pregnancy may be too early to show up on the test.

I am almost 2 weeks late can i have a very faint positive line on pregnancy test after i had a negative blood test 2 days prior?

YES! The blood test may have been performed too early, especially if the line on the home test is very faint. You should have the blood test repeated, but as a rule a positive test (either blood or urine) is positive

Is 5 weeks too early to take a home pregnancy test?

By five weeks after you believe you conceived a home pregnancy test should be accurate and reliable.

If you think you may be having an early miscarriage can you still take a home pregnancy test to tell you whether you were pregnant or not in the first place?

Yes you can still perform a pregnancy test. However depending upon how far along into the pregnancy you are, there is a possibility that the pregnancy test may be performed too early. Your best bet would be to see your doctor now and have a pregnancy blood test performed known as the Quantitative beta HCG blood test which will measure the amount of HCG in your blood. Or alternatively go to A&E now and inform the accident & emergency department that you believe you may of been pregnant and are having a miscarriage. They will give you a thorough examination and perform the blood test I mentioned to see if you was pregnant hun. Good luck x