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no the pool just wont skim

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Q: Can it hurt your filter if the pool water is high above the skimmer?
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If the water level in the pool is too high for the skimmer to work propertly can I still run the filter?

You can run the filter, however, you should drain some water out for maximum use, the skimmer will not skim the pool if the water level is to high. go to for more info.

Do you backwash your pool before you put chemicals in?

No you only backwash your pool when your filter pressure on your filter is high 30psi and above on most pools. If you backwash your pool be sure to add two scoops of de to your skimmer. If the presure is still high the u need to clean the filter

Filter presure to high and no flow on pump on a swimming pool?

Broken gage A: trouble shoot pump problem, make sure the water in the pool is at the tile line or middle of the skimmer throat, prime the pump, any of the above and more.

How high above skimmer opening should pool water be?

Water level should be 2-3 inches above skimmer lip or edge. Usually about 3" 75mm or at least 1/2 way up the mouth of the skimmer. however this depends on the strength of suction from the pump. so long as there is no air being sucked into the system is the first rule to keep in mind. the second is the faster the water is moving as it goes into the skimmer the better. If you have a floating suction-side skimmer about 3/16 to 1/2" or 10 to 15 mm or more depending on pump strength.

How far up the tile should the pool water level be?

Regardless of the position of any tiles on the pool wall The water level should be about 3 or 4 inches / 75-100mm above the top of the skimmer vein before the skimmer basket or at such a level that it does not suck air through the skimmer. of you have a suction side floating pool skimmer you can let it get as high as you like and as long as it is sealed properly as low as you like.

Why is water overflowing out of your pool skimmer?

You probably have the water level up too high. Keep the level around 1/3 to 1/2 up the skimmer and you'll be fine.

When cleaning the pool I don't have much suction?

Clogged Skimmer, Strainer or filter cart's. Check pressure meter...the lower the better. High Back pressure indicates a need to clean filter. Try a back wash and filter cleaning.

How do you repair a pool skimmer that has no pressure?

The answer is not in the skimmer. Skimmers do not have "pressure" however, they would have suction. The suction is generated by the pump ~ the smaller part, in size, of the circulation system at the equipment pad. The pump is the small cylinder or coned shaped object that has a motor attached to it. The other object on that pad would be the larger cylinder, cannister, plastic shell or whatever is called the filter. Back to the pump. Is the pump running? If not, why? Turn on the pump then check the skimmer. If you have water movement, all could be OK. When was the last time that you have actually opened the pump lid to empty the basket of all the debris ~ leaves, bugs, hair etc. Turn off the power to the pump and empty the basket. This task should be performed, at least, weekly. If the pump will not start then you have a problem either with the pump or the circuit breaker or both. Reset the circuit breaker, turn on the pump. What is the pressure on the filter tank? 15# or higher. Back wash the filter if that is the type system you have. If the motor will not start then, after performing the above tasks, you may have a bad motor. After back washing the filter and the system is running ~ recheck the skimmer for flow. If you seem to have a strong flow then the problem(s) have been solved. ( Dirty filter, dirty or full skimmer or pump baskets. Other possibilities: Another possibility is that you may actually have something in the suction lines plugging it or restricting it. Have you vaced the pool lately? What did you vacuum up? Is the water level at the middle of the skimmer throat or high enough for water to enter into the skimmer and flow to the pump without sucking air? You may need to add water to the pool.

Will caulking the cement pool to the cool cement deck allow the pool to fill up more so the water can reach the basket and pump so it does not suck air?

I have read your question several times an don't quite understand it. Do you have cracks or joints below the skimmer line? Hmmm. Just raise the water level until the water is at about the halfway point on the throat of the skimmer. It may be that your skimmer is installed too high. Don't know - would have to see situation. Ken After reading the original question posed I have a better understanding of the problem. Whoever changed the question didn't know what they were talking about. It appears, by the 1st question that you have some sort of problem getting water to the pump. As above, maintain water level at middle of skimmer. You may have to add water manually to the pump pot by removing the pump lid and adding water to fill the pot. Replace the lid and start the pump. It may take a couple of minutes for water to start flowing. As water flow increases, release the air entrapped in the filter, via the air relief valve at the top of the filter tank. Now, you have a "primed" pump and a functioning pool.

Do you need to filter the water in the tank of an axolotl?

Yes. It is nessesary to have a filter to keep the water moving and oxygenated. It is also helpful because the water's movement mimics the movement of water in the axolotl's natural habitat. Just make sure that the water does not move too quickly because it could be harmful. If the axolotl is not moved around by the filter and you can not see a current in the water (except above the filter and in its immediate area) then the filter is on too high. Be sure to change the filter regularly as much as needed. Every axolotl is different and thus the filter will become dirty at different times.

How do you remove yellow pollen from the top of the water and around the edges of an in ground pool?

The pools skimmer should do that by itself. If the water level is too high (or wier is missing)the skimer will not be able to draw the floating debris into the filter. As for the residue that sticks to the sides, it can be brushed off and scooped up with a net.

Rain is filling the pool and water is too high?

Count your blessings, free water. If you have a salt water pool you are better of hanging on to it because if you dump you weaken the salt in the pool. If you feel that you need to have the skimmer working properly which is important in keeping pools clean you could get a floating pool skimmer which will work whether the water is high or low. Regardless of what you do evaporation will soon bring the water level down again.

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