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In MOST states, the answer is YES. A few states require a liscense.

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Q: Can just anyone come and repossess your vehicle or does it have to be a professional repo man?
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Can you be charged with a stolen truck if you get behind on payments?

If they come to repossess it, and you claim to not know where it is, then the repossession agent will report it stolen. At that point, anyone found in possession of it is in possession of a stolen vehicle.

Can an agent repossess your vehicle without even telling you when they come to take it?

Yes...thats what repo-men do.

You can't pay for the car but the company won't come get it?

The bank that you have the loan with hires repo men to repossess the vehicle

Can a repossession agent come on private property to repossess a vehicle?

I am not 100% on this but I am almost certain that they can as if an item is inside the home they can come in to take those

Can repo people come onto your property and leave tire mark damage to repossess a vehicle that isn't yours but belongs to someone visiting?

Yes they can come on private propery to repossess a vehicle. If they damaged your property, then call the lender and demand they repair the damage. You may have to sue to recover the damage.

Do you have to surrender your vehicle if they come to repossess it?

Yes. It is their job to take it and they will do it by force if needed. Better to be peaceful than risk the cops getting involved.

How do you use repossess in a sentence?

Hey Hun, if you do not make the payments they will come to repossess your car.

If my garage door is open can they come in and repossess my car in Arizona?


Can they come on private property in Michigan and repossess your car?


Can you repossess a Kubota tractor?

I can't, but if you don't make payments on it they can come by and get it.

Can a repo man come into your garage to repossess a car?

yes if it is open

Can you get any belongings in your car that got repo?

They should offer you a chance to get your belongings out of the car when they come to repossess it. Their repossession order covers the vehicle they're repossessing - it does not give them entitlement to your personal belongings.

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