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Can ketchup remove green from your hair?

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Answered 2007-08-18 14:08:42

Usually it can, but sometimes hair needs a little more. I used to use apple cider vinegar when I had a pool. All I did was take a pitcher of warm water and about half a cup of the vinegar, or more, mix it, and rinse my hair with it after shampooing. Vinegar has a certain acid that smoothes the hair folicle as well, so not only should it remove the green, your hair should feel nice as well.

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How do you remove green tint from hair?

use a red based color and apply it to your hair color formula or to remove some of the green in your hair but it will not remove all, wash ur hair with ketchup, it actually works !

How do you wash hair with ketchup to get the green cast color out?


Does ketchup remove green from bleached hair?

yes ketchup does do that but not with all hair types but most of them also if you soak your hair in baby oil all day for about 2 days and that gets rid of all of the split ends in your hair and all of the bad bits.

How long do you leave ketchup on green hair?

20 -30 minutes

How do you get rid of green tinge in blonde hair?

Wash it with Ketchup. Tomato will neutralize the green color.

How do you remove green color from hair due to chlorine?

The easiest way to do this is to get a bottle of ketchup, comb it through your hair leave it on for a couple of minutes, rinse it off in the shower, shampoo twice and then condition it, it sounds strange but its a great trick and pretty cheap instead of having to go out and buy some professional product that costs silly amounts, the acid in the ketchup actually lifts the green/grey tint from your hair and it definitely works, hope this helped :)

How do you get the green out of blonde hair after swimming?

This may sound disgusting at first, but I have found that leaving ketchup in your hair takes out the green. Trust me, I know it sounds strange but it really works! Hope this helped:)

Is it bad for ketchup to be in you hair?

it is good for it to be in your hair

How do you remove green cast from blonde colored hair?

use a little bit of blue hair dye in your conditioner to neutralize the green.

How do you get green out of your hair?

no joke but you put ketchup in it when your in the shower or you can use baking soda to get chlorine out of a competative swimmer i know these kind of things

Is rat hair in ketchup?

No. you dont have to worry then. :)

How long do you keep the ketchup in your hair to get the green out of your hair?

True red takes out green, but a shampoo that purifys hair works alot better. Suds hair up, heat up with blow dryer, keep heating it for 10-15 min, rinse out immediately. Shampoo again and condition. That should do the trick!

How do you remove ketchup stains?

To remove ketchup stains start by scraping off as much of the dried ketchup, or blotting up as much of the wet ketchup, as you can. Then pretreat the stain using whatever pretreatment you keep in the house. Then wash the garment as you normally would.

Did green ketchup advertise the Grinch?

my balls did!

How long after dying your hair is it safe to swim in a pool?

if you have dyed your hair to a dark colour then you should be able to really anytime after but if its blonde or bleach it is possible to turn green so its best to leave it for about a week to be safe . if your hair ever does go green then put ketchup on it straight after as it takes it out. x hope this helped x

How can you get poo out of your dogs hair?

Tomato ketchup and dog shampoo!

Do zombies have green hair?

Depends. If a zombie dyes its hair green, then the hair will be green.

How do you get the green out of your hair it was d brown then orange then yellow then i tried to do d brown again now its green?

What you need to do is strip your hair. It's a chemical which will completely remove the colouring/dye out of your hair. After that, you can then apply the new colour dye.

How do you get the green hair?

To get green hair you have to die it.... :)

How do you Remove copper oxide?

ketchup - the vinegar ( acetic acid ) in ketchup changes the copper oxide to copper acetate which is soluable in water.

What does egg and ketchup do for your hair?

I know egg makes your hair really shiny && soft but it kind of smells>.<<br /> ketchup does the same thing to deep condition your hair but it doesn't smell that bad:3 I suggest taking a shower after applying them:3

How do you remove marijuana from hair?

Remove hair

How can I correct the green hair that resulted from our well water on blond color treated hair?

You can use a clarifying treatment. You need to remove the chlorine from your hair. They sell shampoos for swimmers.

Tonight I'm bleaching my hair but I want to go swimming Even if I rinse out the chlorine before I bleach it will it turn my hair green?

Chlorine does not turn hair green. Copper in the pool water is the culprit. If you wash your hair before you bleach it, it should not turn green from an earlier swim. If you are concerned about copper in your hair, rinse your hair with white vinegar. That will break down the copper and remove it.

Can you have green nose hair?

no but you can have green pubic hair