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If you can find an old time locksmith, he can make you keys with a blank and a file. I have had keys made for me this way.

good answer, however , I'm new generation locksmith since1991 , your ignition key if different can easily be replaced be another @ parts store and so can door locks., i don't believe any codes are on the locks , might be in your owners manual in the form of letters numbers or both. with your vehicle being 01 go to locksmith and give them vin # or your title and they can easily cut one for the ignition. , the doors, depends on speed of key making u want , i replace them by taking old out and put new ones in ..done w job, if u have trunk , same thing , new one at parts store, easy and fast

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2011-09-12 15:38:57
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Q: Can keys be made for a 2001 Nissan if you loose all the keys and you don't have a key ID?
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