Can kids have a baby together?

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no ready for the step growin is part of the life you don't need that right now. remember this, baby don't run first they crow ,walk, run
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Can two 17 year old kids have a baby and start a life together?

Please talk to someone you trust. A relative, a religious adviser or friend. Being a parent has many responsibilities, being young adds to the load. If a baby is on the way

Will yusei and aki have kids together?

It's a possibility, Yusei and Aki are not "official" but they are indeed in love with each other. That was proved that on countless occasions. Yusei entrusted her with Stardus

Can cousins have kids together?

If they are second cousins than yes its legal.. In some places it is also legal for first cousins.

Can kids have baby?

It is better if you don't get your goat kids pregnant until they are at least one year old or more to allow the goat to grow to its full potential and to allow the pelvic cavi

How does a relationship change after they have a baby together?

well it changes by the women and man not having more time for each other because when they have the baby they will be spending more time with the baby and get really stressed

How do you deal with your ex and you have kids together?

I suppose it depends on what kind of people the two of you are. If the two of you fight a lot, perhaps try to keep calm an cool, and don't let his/her words bother you. If y
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Can kids make kids have babies?

Yes. It was known that a 11 year old did in fact have a child. Kids CAN make kids have babies
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How do you get your ex back if you have kids together?

First and foremost you need to analyze the situation like what made him/her leave at the first place because when you are able to gather all this information, you will also be