Can kids have a baby together?

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no ready for the step growin is part of the life you don't need that right now. remember this, baby don't run first they crow ,walk, run
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Can two 17 year old kids have a baby and start a life together?

Please talk to someone you trust. A relative, a religious adviser or friend. Being a parent has many responsibilities, being young adds to the load. If a baby is on the way, please find someone who you can talk to if not, please think twice before embarking on a lifetime commitment. I wish you ( Full Answer )

Can 2 men have a baby together?

No not if they are physically normal men they just don't have the right equipment to pull it off.

Should relative's have babies together?

NO. That is why it's illegal for relatives to marry eachother. If you are more closely related than third cousins? Then having a baby together increases the risk that the baby will have birth defects or problems.

How do you get two tamagotchis to have a baby together?

One way u can is that if u hav 2 tamas, you can connect them until they luv each other (look at the friend list). then connect them & they will marry (both hav to be at least 4 yrs old), then the girl will hav 2 babies (u each get 1). If u only hav 1 tama, you can keep taking care of it and not paus ( Full Answer )

How are babies born stuck together?

If you are referring to conjoined twins, than they are formed by an egg that partially splits when developing in the uterus.

If you have a kid that is 8 and having a baby what do you do?

Get them to a doctor. Regardless of if you believe in abortion or not... they need to see a doctor as soon as possible for the best healthy outcome for the mom... if not the baby. Oh, and find the "father" and if, as likely, much older than her, and string him up by his...

Do Ross and Rachel have a baby together?

Yes. They get drunk planning Monica and Chandler's wedding and sleep together. Then, nine months later, they have little baby Emma.

Will yusei and aki have kids together?

It's a possibility, Yusei and Aki are not "official" but they are indeed in love with each other. That was proved that on countless occasions. Yusei entrusted her with Stardust dragon, something he hasn't entrusted to anybody else in his entire life. He also was the one who personally taught her ( Full Answer )

What is the website for ideal baby and kids?

i would think that or would be nice. you could go on and look up Dora blues clues, mickey mouse club house, wiggles and other children shows. i know some people who are 12 and still love to look at that kind of thing. or, if you want to make an ( Full Answer )

Why does a baby goat get called a kid?

Possibly a variation from the latin word "Haedus" but nobody is sure where the term originated. Utlimately that is just what they are called, because somebody thought it was a good idea at the time...

Can a lion and a tiger have a baby together?

Yes, A Liger is produced from a male lion and a female tiger, and a tigon is produced from a female lion and a male tiger. These two species lion and tiger can't breed in the wild. Although because a liger and a tigon are manmade, they cannot have babies. Yes, its called a liger, the cub, you can go ( Full Answer )

Can cousins have kids together?

If they are second cousins than yes its legal.. In some places it is also legal for first cousins.

What if your baby daddy left you and your two kids its been a year he with the girl he left you four you love him you cant move on you sleep together but hes still with her?

Answer . He is having his cake and eating it too. You need to stop sleeping with him and if he really cares for you he will come back to you, hopefully without the girlfriend in the other arm. If he doesn't come back you will be able to move on with your life much easier and find someone who wan ( Full Answer )

Can kids have baby?

It is better if you don't get your goat kids pregnant until they are at least one year old or more to allow the goat to grow to its full potential and to allow the pelvic cavity to grow as well.

How does a relationship change after they have a baby together?

well it changes by the women and man not having more time for each other because when they have the baby they will be spending more time with the baby and get really stressed out so i don"t really recommend getting a baby unless you want to have a baby but remember having a baby is a beautiful thing ( Full Answer )

Your ex cheated and had a baby with someone else you already have two kids together but is it wrong that you may never be able to except the other child if you get back with him?

Always remember a child born is like an angel. that child is innocent of the wrong doings of his/her parents. Also look upon your own children and consider if they where placed in such a situation would you have like them to be treated that way... We all are human, bound by our imperfections and as ( Full Answer )

What to do when baby sitting kids?

Watch movies. Play with playdo. Simple things like that. Bingo. You can even make coconut trees. What you do is You crunch up oreos. (Sand) Then Stick an Oreo stick in the crumbs. (tree) Then you take Sour Patch kids and put them along the Oreo stick (leaves) And walla. Or for Valentines Day you cou ( Full Answer )

Can your dog and cat have babies together?

No it is not possible, they are two different species therefore the egg and sperm would not be compatible. A cat and a dog can not have babies. They are different species and can not interbreed.

Baby in bath together?

One way to bathe your baby if you're in the tub with them is to drape a towel over your legs and lay the baby on the towel. They're less likely to slip around and may be more comfortable with you near. Just make sure the water is at an appropriate level and temperature. It's also best to have someon ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when you dream of a baby or have a kid?

Dreams of pregnancy and/or childbirth usually relate to an idea, work or project that the dreamer is developing or bringing to delivery or completion. However, Dreams are influenced by conditions within the body, especially changes in hormones. So if the dreamer is a sexually active woman of childbe ( Full Answer )

Can baby rabbits live together?

Baby rabbits can share the same cage until 3 to 4 months of age. They will begin fighting and/or trying to breed at this age and need to be separated for their own safety. EVERY rabbit should have it's own cage. Rabbits are very territorial.

Are you and your baby daddy meant to be together?

Since you have a child together, you were certainly meant to come together at some time in your life. Maybe you are meant to be together forever, too, but maybe not. First, you need to think about your baby. Would the two of you together be good or not good for the future development of your child? ( Full Answer )

Should kids baby sit?

if the kids are 11 or 12 and older yes but if there yunger than 11 or ten no you shouldnt let them babysit

Is bad for kids to get a baby?

is not bad is just not ready for that because a boy need to live more time need to got all the fan he can get when he got 30 years old if he want to get mery and got baby at 30 years old well is time because 30 years old is enough time and years to take a big jup like a frog. bacause little frogs ju ( Full Answer )

Is a baby kangaroo called a kid?

No. Baby kangaroos and the young of all marsupials are called joeys. Young goats are called kids,

Can hamsters and babies live together?

When the babies are born, the male will have to be seperated because he could get jelOus and hurt them. The babies can live with the female for a couple of months but then you have to seperate the male and female babies because then they start to breed again

Can you house baby geckos together?

yes baby cresteds can be kept together as long as they are all about the same size. be careful though because they may lose their tail (which doesn't grow back on a crested) because their cage mate(s).

How many kids did Cleopatra have all together?

Cleopatra had 4 kids, Caesarion, son of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, Alexander Helios(the sun) Cleopatra Selene(the moon) and Ptolemy Philadelphus with Mark Antony.

Can kids have babies on Sims bust in out?

Kids in the sims games have never been able to have kids, as their age is considered by most to be prepubescent. in short most consider sims children to have not hit puberty yet.

How do you deal with your ex and you have kids together?

I suppose it depends on what kind of people the two of you are. If the two of you fight a lot, perhaps try to keep calm an cool, and don't let his/her words bother you. If you fight, don't argue and just either let them 'win' or let it die out. If you really don't want to try and get along, mayb ( Full Answer )

Can kids make kids have babies?

Yes. It was known that a 11 year old did in fact have a child. Kids CAN make kids have babies

Can kids hold baby turtle?

Yes, but you should ensure that the kids wash their hands afterwards because of the likelihood that the turtle was contaminated with salmonella. See link.

What is the purpose of baby kids rooms?

A child's cognitive development is massively influenced by their physical surroundings, bright block colours, varying textures, and shapes, all help to develop pathways in the brain at a young age. However it is important to remember that the time they spend asleep is just as important as when they ( Full Answer )

How do you get your ex back if you have kids together?

First and foremost you need to analyze the situation like what made him/her leave at the first place because when you are able to gather all this information, you will also begin to see the situation from a different angle. When done, you then proceed by letting him/her know how important he/she is ( Full Answer )

Is Baby stronger then kid buu?

Yes he is very much stronger cause Goku has a harder time killing Baby in GT than with Kid Buu