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depents on how much light it gets and how high you turn on the heating

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What happens to a lavender in winter?

it becomes flowerless

Did the sumerians live inside the city walls?

the Sumerians didn't always live inside the walls the only time was for the winter

Does lavender survive cold winter months?


Where do sheep live indoors?

When they go inside for the winter, they will be kept in a barn.

How do you trim a lavender bush during winter?

With a knife that is partly blunt

Can a potted trumpet flower live inside through a winter?

Yes. I am not sure if the purple ones will. Going to try that one this winter.

Do dahlias need to be brought inside over winter?

If you live in a place with cold winters, you have to dig up your dahlias and bring them inside for the winter. If you live in a place where it does not freeze during the winter, you can leave the dahlias outside. However you should mulch the area to protect them. until March when you remove the mulch and replant them.

Does eugenia topiary need to be taken indoors for the winter?

we live in souther Ontario and gets 10 below dowe have to bring inside for the winter

Do you need to take your trailing begonia in a hanging basket inside for the winter?

Unless you live in a warm-winter zone, it would be a good idea.

Where do sled dogs live?

Sled dogs generally live wherever their masters live. Most live outside in kennels in the summer and inside kennels in heated buildings in the winter.

Lavender Plants?

form_title=Lavender Plants form_header=Lavender plants are a great source of decoration for any home or garden. Let us know your preferences so we can help you with your selection! Are you planning to keep your lavender plants inside or outside?*= () Inside () Outside Are your plants to be used for decoration or harvesting?*= () Decoration () Harvesting What is the climate generally like in your area?*= _ [50]

What fruits and vegtibales grow in the winter?

It depends like are you growing them inside or outside? You can grow fruits and Veggys inside year round There is no plant that can be planted and live in the winter it will freeze and the roots can't expand because the ground is frozen

What to I put inside a sachet?

Rose petals or lavender make a good sachet.

What Flower has spikes of lilac or blue?

Lavender. Smells nice and can be dried and made into potpourri in the winter

What countries do lavender live in?

they are everywhere, in British Columbia etc.

Do plants live in winter?

Yes, plants do live in winter.

Do lions live in the winter?

Lions live in a very mild and warm climate and winter is no probem for them.

In the winter where do Inuit live?

The Inuit Live In a igloo (iglu) in the winter.

What types of plants live in a marsh?

Cordgrass, sea lavender, and Bayberry

Does it rain in winter?

Yes it does rain in the winter! And when it does, I rather stay inside!

Where do bears live in winter?

They usually hibernate in caves in the winter so bears live in a cave in winter season.

Were does the arctic tern live in the winter?

Artic terns live in the artic in the winter.

Where is mrfuji on Pokemon LeafGreen?

He is inside the lavender tower,on the very top,but to get to him you need to get the silph scope

What radio tower is the man upgrading the pokegaer to have pokeflute?

He is inside the Lavender Town Raido Tower.

Do silkworms live in the winter?

what do silkworms do in winter

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