Can lead burn?

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If it is heated it can.
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What is burn-in?

Answer . \nBurn-in is the reason computer screensavers were invented.\n. \nBurn-in happens when an image is displayed too long on a screen. This only happens with traditional CRT "tube" televisions and monitors and plasma TVs and monitors. It has been an especially big problem with rear-projecti ( Full Answer )

How do you get leads?

Leads areessential for anyone; a lead can turn into a client which gives anopportunity to get work. And this applies for a lawyer too. Thebasic thing to get leads is to attract the potential client towardsyou. Market yourself through various kinds of medium like mass andprint media like by placing a ( Full Answer )

What is leading?

\n. \nLeading is the amount of space added between lines of text to make a document legible. Leading originally referred to the thin lead spacers that printers used to physically increase space between lines of metal type. Most applications automatically apply leading based on the point size of the ( Full Answer )

What is lead?

lead is a bluish-white lustrous metal. It is very soft, highly malleable, ductile, and a relatively poor conductor of electricity. It is very resistant to corrosion but tarnishes upon exposure to air. Lead pipes bearing the insignia of Roman emperors, used as drains from the baths, are still in serv ( Full Answer )

How do you do a burn out?

hold your left foot on the brake and mash the gas pedal to the floor and have fun!

How do you get lead?

The metal lead is produced from the lead ore Galena (lead sulphide, PbS) by mixing it with coke and limestone and then roasting. To obtain the pure metal, it needs to treated with zinc whilst molten, which removes the high levels of silver that are the chief impurity.

Is she leading you on?

There are several ways that you can tell if a girl is leading youon. You should be observant on her commitment to the relationshipwhich is a great indicator if she is serious or leading you on.

What color does lead burn?

Lead burns with a bluish-white flame when ignited. Flame tests useanalysis of flame color to detect the presence of particularelements within a compound.

What building was not burned in the burning of chambersburg?

There are a few buildings that have survived the Burning of Chambersburg in July 30 , 1864 ; they are : the old Chambersburg Jail ( later known as the Kitteninny Historical Society ), the Freemason Church ( located on South Second Street ) , and the John Brown House ( where the Abolitionist stayed ( Full Answer )

Burning candle what is actually burning?

The wax is the main thing burning to sustain the flame but eventually the wick burns as well. Essentially it is the whole candle that burns.

What can you burn in a wood-burning stove?

It is best to burn oak, maple, ash, or some other hardwood. What you are really after is something that has a lot of heat output and very little smoke. You can burn coal in a stove that is specifically designed for it - don't assume a wood stove is, because it can burn through the stove. Don't burn ( Full Answer )

What type of a burn is a laser burn?

radiation A little more... Technically, this answer is true -- LASER burns are "radiation" burns, most frequently in the visual light or infra-red parts of the EM spectrum. However, we tend to associate the term "radiation burn" with the burns resulting prompt radiation, beta or gamma emmissions, ( Full Answer )

What can burn?

Everything will burn, even the firesuits of the firefighters will burn, when it gets to a sertain temperature.

What does lead do to you?

In adults it will give you flu like symptoms, children the same but also slows down brain growth. Lead=dumb kids. Lead is posionous, and affects several organs in the body. They include the brain, but also affect other organs, such as the kidneys. It can cause kidney failure, liver damage, damage t ( Full Answer )

What is lead in?

Solder and Lead-Acid batteries. Pottery and various types of Glass. Various paint and even in the olden days lead was used in the form of Lead Acetate as a sweetener, especially in Wine. It is found in so many different items so it would be close to impossible to list them all.

Who is lead?

Who is lead or what is lead? If you want the element I have the answers: Atomic Number-82 Symbol-Pb Atomic Mass-207.2 Lead is a highly toxic heavy metal. If exposed lead for a significant period if time, or if swallowed, you may contact lead poisoning. If that is the case, contact poison control or ( Full Answer )

What to do for a burn?

For first and second degree burns(redness and blisters), you can run the burn under cool water. You can also apply an ice pack or some Aloe Vera gel/spray. If it is really bad, call 911. For third and electrical burns(charred/burned skin), you call 911. Then you cover the burn with a sterile bandage ( Full Answer )

What is a burn out?

burn out is a complete lack of enthusiasm for doing one's job. A burned out worker is someone who is has no energy left to do his or her job. This person is tired, bored and has no patience for the people or tasks involved in his or her work. It is complete mental exhaustion. Being "sick and tired" ( Full Answer )

What is a lead on?

The lead on ---It is when a person X does or says intentional or unintentional subjective actions or vague statements that can have double meanings.. The person being led is usually hopeful or disillusioned and takes the actions or words whichever way they hope it means.. Simple solution-- Communi ( Full Answer )

Can lead burn through leather?

I presume you mean molten lead. It would depend on how thick the leather is and how long the molten lead is in contact, but it could happen.

Why does he have to lead you on?

Make himself feel great by making you his go-to girl in a bind. If you put yourself in that position for more than a couple of months, you should consider therapy because there is such a thing as a sado-masoquistic relationship and you are hurting yourself. I'm not saying this to be mean, its j ( Full Answer )

Where do you get lead?

Depending on where you live, almost every office supply or school supply has it. Dollar Tree might have it, Walgreen's and Staples.

Why does my girlfriend get pain and burning after sex without condom that leads to an infection as it never happened with other guys before me and last I did without condom was 2 years before her?

This is quite a mystery. There are a few things that can cause burning and infection, but I'm not sure which is the culprit here. We'll go through them... 1. An STD - This was my first instinct. There are several types of STD's that cause no symptoms in men but really mess up women. The problem i ( Full Answer )

When did cars stop burning leaded fuel?

in the UK, leaded fuel was banned in the year 2000, it was replaced for a limited time by LRP(lead replacement petrol) but nowhere in the UK has any of these pumps in their stations anymore. Other countries would have banned leaded fuel a different times

What did it lead to?

this lead to improve our life day by day and also for the next 10 years we will invent computers that works with your mouse this invention leads to develop to stop going on school by children we can study every one who rich or poor to study his own computer with his home

What can a chemical burn lead to?

Any burn can cause a degradation of the surface layers of the skin and subcutaneous tissue with subsequent scarring. Immediate problems may include pain, fluid loss and infection. Depending on the type of chemical causing the burn, there may be associated toxic effects.

What do you do if you get burned?

Immerse in or spray with cool water. Keep the burn wet, do not burst blisters. Cover with a wet dressing or specialized burn dressing. Take frequent small sips of water to compenste for dehydration and shock. For severe burns seek medical treatment.

What can fire burn and what can't it burn?

Fires can burn different things such as wood, paper, gasoline, and hydrogen gas. These are what we call combustible or inflammable materials. Fires cannot burn things like sand, fiberglass, asbestos, rust, and carbon dioxide gas. These are what we call inert or fireproof materials. Don't confu ( Full Answer )

What type of burn is an acid burn?

An acid burn is a chemical burn; acids have free H+ ions that have a tenancy to attack and burn and sometimes dehydrate organic materials, such as your skin.

What do you do if you get burn?

The treatment for a burn depends on its severity and the chemical or substance that caused it. The general treatment for burns is to immerse it in cold running water for 15 - 20 minutes. The general treatment plan can be outlined in the three Cs or three Bs of burn care: Cool (run under water) ( Full Answer )

What can lead do?

In 1890, the first case of lead poisoning was discovered in Australia. However the source of the lead was not traced to the paint on the verandahs and railings until 1904. In the United States the first recorded case of lead poisoning occurred in 1914 when a little baby ate the paint chips from his ( Full Answer )

What to do after a burn?

For first and second degree burns(redness and blisters), you can run the burn under cool water. You can also apply an ice pack or some Aloe Vera gel/spray. If it is really bad, call 911. For third and electrical burns(charred/burned skin), you call 911. Then you cover the burn with a sterile bandage ( Full Answer )

How does burning fossil fuels lead to an increase in carbon dioxide?

In the natural carbon cycle, animals exhale carbon dioxide, but plants absorb the gas, with no long-term change in the level, which remained fairly constant in the range 260-280 parts per million over the entire period of human history. Even when trees die, are burnt or cut down, there is no change ( Full Answer )

How burning of coal leads to acid rain?

Coal is of many types. One of them is bituminous coal. When it is burned, it releases very much sulphur gas. This gas combines with the water vapour to form sulphuric acid. It comes down as acid rain.

What does burning fossil fuels leads to?

burning fossil fuels create carbon dioxide which trap the heat from the sun causing our planet to warm up, this is causing the ice caps to melt and sea levels to rise.

Why does petrol burn but water not burn?

Burning, in the conventional sense, is combustion, a rapid,heat-releasing reaction with oxygen. Petrol is composed primarily of hydrocarbons, that is, compoundsconsisting entirely of carbon and hydrogen. Both of these elementswill readily bond with oxygen, and, in fact, are more stable whenbonded wi ( Full Answer )

Why does oxygen not burn but help in burning?

Three things are needed for fire to burn, often referred to as thetriangle of fire. Oxygen, heat and fuel, it is only the fuel that burns, the oxygenand heat together cause the fuel to burn.