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If your asking will your auto liability insurance pay for a traffic citation, No. They don't pay for the illegal acts of the insured.

Your auto liability insurance is accident insurance.

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Q: Can liability insurance cover fines and penalties?
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What is covered for personal liability insurance?

Personal liability insurance provides additional coverage to other insurance policies. Without personal liability insurance, any thing that one's home or car insurance could not cover, one would have to pay out of pocket. Personal liability insurance will cover those fines.

Can bankruptcy discharge legal fines or penalties?

No, it does not discharge legal fines and/or penalties.

What are the penalties for causing an accident without car insurance?

If varies state to state, and some have very harsh penalties, including severe fines.

What penalties are associated with marijuana use?

Penalties include fines and imprisonment.

What are the fines and penalties for polluting?

For full information on the fines and penalties for polluting in the US, check out the EPA's website. Link provided below.

What are 3 penalties for crime?

Fines Prison Execution

Can traffic tickets be included in bankruptcy?

Fines and penalties are NOT dismissable.

Does full coverage insurance cover vehicle if driver is charged with DWI?

If you were in an accident yes it would, if you are talking about having insurance to cover criminal charges and fines, I'm pretty sure that is illegal.

What can happen to person who drives whithout insurance?

It varies depending on state law, but penalties can include fines, jail time, license suspension, or vehicle impounding.

What has the author Volker Kaiser written?

Volker Kaiser has written: 'Verbandssanktionen des Ordnungswidrigkeitengesetzes' -- subject(s): Contraventions (Criminal law), Criminal liability of juristic persons, Fines (Penalties)

What are the requirements for Michigan car insurance?

In Michigan you are required to have auto insurance or face fines and jail time. You will need personal injury protection, property protection and residual bodily injury and property damage liability insurance.

What are the fines and penalties for driving while intoxicated?

Depends on the state texas

How much is a fine in va for no liability insurance?

Fines are different from state to state and from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. One thing that I can tell you is that in almost every case, the fine is more than the cost of the insurance that you were required to have.

How much will fines be for no insurance no registration and no inspection in pa?

The fines that you will pay for no insurance, registration, or inspection in PA will depend on the courts.

What has the author A Mitchell Polinsky written?

A. Mitchell Polinsky has written: 'A damage-revelation rationale for coupon remedies' -- subject(s): Actions and defenses, Econometric models, Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Products liability, Products liability 'Mandatory versus voluntary disclosure of product risks' 'Amenities and property values in a model of an urban area' 'Economics and liability for accidents' 'Optimal fines and auditing when wealth is costly to observe' -- subject(s): Administration of Criminal justice, Costs (Law), Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Fines (Penalties), Fines (Penalties), Mathematical models, Wealth 'Optimal cleanup and liability after environmentally harmful discharges' -- subject(s): Econometric models, Liability for hazardous substances pollution damages 'Notes on the symmetry of taxes and subsidies in pollution control' 'Decoupling liability' -- subject(s): Fines (Penalties), Liability (Law), Mathematical models 'An empirical reconciliation of micro and grouped estimates of the demand for housing' 'Legal origins and modern stock markets' 'Economic analysis of law' 'An introduction to law and economics' -- subject(s): Economics, Law, Law and economics

What is rebating in insurance?

Rebating refers to monies paid to insureds for placing their insurance business with a given insurer. Due to fair trade practices, it is restricted and carries heavy fines and penalties. The intent of the rule branches out to gifts and favors.

What has the author C A Warner written?

C. A. Warner has written: 'Research paper on fines' -- subject(s): Fines (Penalties), Executions (Law)

If a person is arrested for driving without insurance and it is the first offense what penalties and fines should one expect?

The first time is one time too many. If you do not carry insurance, which is the law, then you should not be driving. Insurance covers the event of accident and protects those who might be in an accident with you.

Where do penalties collected by OSHA go to?

Fines collected by OSHA go to the US Treasury.

Money penalties keyed to an offender's net daily income are called?

Day fines

Money penalties keyed to an offenders net daily income are called?

Day fines

What are some of the risks associated with pirating software?

Criminal penalties - jail time and fines

What are jail time and large fines called?

Punishment or perhaps penalties, disincentives or discipline.

No insurance car accident and then get insurance and file claim?

Insurance fraud - have fun in jail + fines.

Are there statutes for Illinois car insurance?

You have to have insurance. The minimum liability is $20,000 for one person's injury, $40,000 for more than one, and $15,000 for damage to another car. Illinois does random insurance screening, so if you don't have insurance you will get caught eventually, and have to pay a minimum of $600 in fines and fees.