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Can life insurance benefits be seized to pay credit card debts of the deceased?

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βˆ™ 2006-07-30 17:16:56

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Creditors can attach any assets of the deceased to make sure they are paid. If the debt is legitimate, the estate is obligated to pay. Credit card debts are among the most easily documented debts so it's doubtful that you can prove that the debt is not legitimate. * If the policy names a beneficiary the death benefits are not subject to probate procedures nor can they be attached by creditors for debts owed by the deceased.

2006-07-30 17:16:56
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Q: Can life insurance benefits be seized to pay credit card debts of the deceased?
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Can a credit card company garnish veterans benefits?

"Yes" is the original answer posted. If the question had to do with Military Retirement Pay, that may be the answer. But the question asks who can garnish Veteran's (VA) Benefits.Federal laws currently in place protect veterans' benefits from being seized by creditors with few exceptions:Child support;Alimony;Unpaid federal taxes; andDebts to federal agencies.However, banks are not required to look at your deposits and withdrawals to determine whether the money in your account is exempt from garnishment. Also, state law or a court may require the bank to freeze your account even if the account has money from exempt federal benefits.

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