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The car light? YES! Leaving your car light on WILL make your battery run out. Things like leaving your car door open if the light is on because it is open will cause the lgiht to Mae your car battery run out.

There is a big difference between shorted out a car battery and running the battery down.

Lighting in itself won't short a battery out but will run it down.

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Q: Can lighting short out a car battery?
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What if your car has no electricity?

a car doesn't have electricity, it has a battery to control the lighting and the ignition and other things in a car.

Can you get burned by a car battery?

Yes, if you short the battery out it can explode and burn you.

What exactly is a car battery?

Car batteries are exactly what you would assume. A car battery is essential to starting, and operating a automotive vehicle. They are responsible for SLI, Starting, lighting, and Igniting.

Can someone kill a car battery?

You can short out a battery and destroy it in a few seconds.

What causes a bad cell in a car battery?

A short in electrical system within the battery where two cells short together.

What cause a bad cell in a car battery?

A short in electrical system within the battery where two cells short together.

What causes a car battery to drain on a mercury sable?

A car battery in any car would drain due to a short in the electrical system.

Why did the battery in your car alarm remote get hot?

sounds like the battery short-circuited.

Can you start a car if battery cables are on the wrong post?

no- if you connect a battery the wring way round you will short the battery on a modern car you may damage the ECU

Why would a car battery smoke?

Internal short in the lead plates, time for a new battery.

Battery cable hooked up backward car wont start?

Depending on what you mean there are two answers. A car being jumped with cables on backward will short out the car either blowing the electrical system and or causing sparks. If you are installing a battery in your car and you put the cables on backwards then you will either drain the battery or short out the car.

How do you wire mood lighting into a car?

Mood lighting in the car can be done by connecting LED lights to the rest of the battery circuit. Disconnect the negative cable and connect the LED light connector to the circuit that leads to the rear lights.

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