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Sometimes, it really complicated to predict it because lightning is not passed around the earth equally.

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Q: Can lightning storms be predicted?
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When do lightning storms occur?

Lightning storms occur in the seasons of spring and summer usually after noon or in the evening.

How are dust storms and lightning storms similar?

they both make echos

What are thunderstorms similar to?

lightning storms

What could lightning storms do?

Its not about what it does, it's about how it does it.

Famous Thunder Lightning storms?

a famous lightning storm is the sukmepen in Florida

Where are lightning storms mostly found?


Which state has the worst lightning storms?


What does lightning mean?

there are different types of lightning for an example there is storms and sorts of speeches used!::))

Can thunder storms occur without lightning?

No. Thunder and lightning are part of what define a thunderstorm.

What type of weather pattern created wildfires?

Lightning - either storms or heat lightning.

Where does lightning occur mostly?

Lightning will show up in lightning storms. Lightning storms usually occur in summer or warm places. The bolts will travel the shortest path they can so make sure you aren't near or are the tallest object around!

Which natural disaster can be better predicted than others?

Winter storms can be better predicted than other natural disasters.

Do storms or other climatic conditions exist on venus?

Not exactly, there's no winds but there is a lot of lightning. There are about 1800 storms on Earth at once. Just a small area of Venus would have as much lightning as all the storms.

What types of storms are there?

there are thunder storms lightning thunder rain hurricanes tornadoes storm sturges

Can a disaster be predicted?

Many disasters like hurricanes and thunder storms can be predicted. However, many disasters, like tornadoes and earthquakes, cannot be predicted with much accuracy.

Where have lightning storms occurred?

every where including my bum

What are 3 famous lightning storms?

there aren't any

Are there any different types of lightning?

there are there are thunder storms

What city has the most lightning strikes?

The city that excperiences the most lightning storms is Tampa, Florida.

What does a lightning researcher do?

They probably find and track lightning storms, observe them, and just watch the show

Is there lightning in the Jungle?

Thunderstorms are common in tropical rainforests, and the intensity of the lightning storms there can be very high.

Why were the pioneers often the target of lightning during storms?

they were the of lightning because they were the tallest thing on the prairie

Did Zeus make thunder in storms?

Zeus makes the storms, lightning, and thunder; he commands it. So yes Zeus does make thunder in storms

How do you predict lightning storms?

Predicting a lightning strike can be your hair standing up or a metallic taste in your mouth.

How are protons related to thunder and lightning storms?

bob and jo