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only if theirs wind involved

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What do you call the substance in which particles are spread out?

A non-solid. The particles are really spread out in a gas, and less spread-out in a liquid.

How does the arrangement and movement of particles change as a substance changes from a liquid to a gas and solid to a liquid?

From a liquid to a gas, the particles become more spread out and move slower. From a solid to a liquid, the particles also become more spread out and move slower.

Particles are close but disorganised?

Particles are close but disorganized will change from gaseous state to liquid form. Once in liquid form the particles will spread out.

What happens to the particles in liquid when it freezes?

For example, when water is frozen, the particles in it freeze close together. Thus, forming ice. When the particles in a liquid are thawed out, the particles spread out.

What are liquid drops or solid particles spread through gas?

A colloidal suspension of solid or liquid particles in a gaseous medium.

What happens to liquid particles as they become a solid?

The particles vibrate more until the particles break away and become more spread out. This is when they become a liquid.

Are liquid particles spread apart?

yes. solids are more dense than liquids and the particles in gases are more spread out and faster.

Does liquid or gas have a weaker force between particles?

gas because the particles are spread farther apart

Why can you pour a liquid?

well........... tHE PARTICLES IN A LIQUID R NOT IN A FIXED POSITION I.e. a solid BUT in a liquid they r spread apart more. They also have more energy in them. A gas spreads quickly because the particles are REALLY spread out. They also hav a lot of energy in them. If u search in google images liquid particles you will see

What is the difference between a solid solution and a liquid solution?

The particles in a solid solution are packed closely together, they vibrate. The particles in a liquid solution are spread more.

When ice melts does the particles melt and change into liquid?

the particles themselves don't "melt", they simply spread out and move around more, forming the liquid state.

Are particles in a gas or a liquid further apart?

The molecules in a gas are spread further apart than those in a liquid.

How does particles react when they change from a solid to a liquid and to a gas?

The particles become more energetic, speed up, and spread out more.

Explain how solids are terms in particles?

In a solid, the particles are tightly packed and do not move around much, as opposed to a liquid or gas, in which the particles are more spread out.

How are the particles of a gas different from the particles of a liquid?

liquid particles have limited movements while gas particles will spread to fill the whole container uniformly (limited only by the container's volume) the particle interaction in liquid is much stronger than in gases gases are compressible while liquids are not

Could jelly be a solid and why?

yes because the particles in the jelly are not a spread out enough to be a liquid were as a solid would have particles tight together.

The movement of particles in a liquid?

More spread apart and can slide past each other eaisly

What happens to the particles in a solid block of lead as it melts?

The particles in a solid are very tightly packed together and rigid. The particles in a liquid are less tightly packed together. When a solid like lead is heated, the particles spread out and can move more, making a liquid.

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