Can liquid particles spread out

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only if theirs wind involved

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Q: Can liquid particles spread out
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What do you call the substance in which particles are spread out?

A non-solid. The particles are really spread out in a gas, and less spread-out in a liquid.

What is it called when particles spread out into a liquid?


Particles of a liquid spread throughout another liquid?

no dips know the answer

How does the arrangement and movement of particles change as a substance changes from a liquid to a gas and solid to a liquid?

From a liquid to a gas, the particles become more spread out and move slower. From a solid to a liquid, the particles also become more spread out and move slower.

Particles are close but disorganised?

Particles are close but disorganized will change from gaseous state to liquid form. Once in liquid form the particles will spread out.

What are liquid drops or solid particles spread through gas?

A colloidal suspension of solid or liquid particles in a gaseous medium.

What happens to the particles in liquid when it freezes?

For example, when water is frozen, the particles in it freeze close together. Thus, forming ice. When the particles in a liquid are thawed out, the particles spread out.

What happens to liquid particles as they become a solid?

The particles vibrate more until the particles break away and become more spread out. This is when they become a liquid.

What are undissolved particles spread throughout a liquid called?

a suspension

Undissolved particles spread throughout a liquid are called?

a suspension

The particles of matter are spread farthest apart in a liquid?


Are liquid particles spread apart?

yes. solids are more dense than liquids and the particles in gases are more spread out and faster.

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