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I am not sure but this just happened to me. I have had an IUD (Mirena) for 4 years and had not been having any periods. Recently, I lost almost 40 lbs and now I am having a regular period.

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โˆ™ 2011-06-12 14:11:52
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Q: Can losing weight cause regular periods even if you have an IUD and stopped having periods for the first 2 years?
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If losing weight and periods stopped?

Smetimes this happens because your body is getting use to your new self.... Missed periods happen a lot when you loose or gain weight and also when you are depressed

Why do periods hurt so bad?

Periods causes pain because it is something that is coming from the body and you are losing a lot of blood. Some people do not hurt while having a period.

Can losing weight make you have more periods?

Losing too much weight, and becoming anorexic can make you stop having your period- amenorrhea- which is very dangerous, and can deplete womans bones of calcium and other nutrients.

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If having no periods cause weight gain is there any chance you could start losing the weight when they restart?

It's possible, but you could have an underlying medical problem that requires a doctor's attention.

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What happens if your period only last two days?

It is very common to have irregular periods or periods which are lighter/heavier than normal, especially if you have only started having periods in the last few years. Lots of factors can cause irregular periods such as stress or losing or putting on a lot of weight, even things like going on holiday can upset your normal pattern. It is usually nothing to worry about.

You stopped losing weight on Adderall. If you increase your dose will you start losing again?

You will need to ask your doctor. Every person is different and so there is not a yes or no answer.

Should my period had stopped after losing 23 pounds in 6 weeks.if so how would i know if it stopped im 10 days late already?

It is possible that unhealthy dieting can cause periods to stop, as can stress, heavy exercise, and other factors. If you skip another period, you should check with your doctor to rule out serious health problems.

I haven't had my period in a few weeks and im losing membranes already?

well first you only have it one week every month. Irregular periods are normal. If you've been having sex, you could be pregnant

Can having no period make you gain weight and keep it on?

no. i don't know if there is any correlation between having periods and losing weight. i know that some birth controls will make you gain weight, but they don't necessarily stop your period. i just went off birth control after being on it for 3 years and the entire time i only had 2 periods!! but, i stayed exactly the same weight.

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