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Can masturbationg too much cause redness of the urinary meatus?

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It could be quite likely due to the friction you're using. Try and have a rest from it for a day or two and see if it goes away. If it's still there maybe discuss it with your Dr.

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Why do infections cause local redness?

The infection itself is actually many times not the cause of the redness. It is typically the body's own defenses that cause the redness.

Does ice pack cause redness?

Yes an ice pack does cause redness from cooling the skin.

Can chlamydia cause urinary frequency?

Yes, chlamydia can cause urinary frequency.

Can prednisone cause urinary tract infection?

can prednisone cause a urinary tract infection

Would a urinary tract infection cause vaginal redness?

Sometiimes the infection affects both he bladder and the vagina. And some vaginal infections make it very sore when you pee. Get checked by a docotr.

Does an infection cause redness swelling odor and drainage from a wound?

An infection can cause one or all of those symptoms: redness, swelling, odor, and drainage.

What can Thrush cause?

It can cause redness around ther and burning when passing urine

What STD can cause vaginal swelling and redness?


What kind of std makes your vagina burn and turn red?

There are several sexually transmitted diseases that can cause burning and redness in the vaginal area:Trichominiasis can cause redness inside and outside the vagina, with itching and possible burning at the vulva or with urination. This redness may be widespread, but will be worse at the entrance to the vagina.Herpes can cause localized redness and sores in a single spot on the outside of the vagina. While an initial herpes infection can be widespread, later infections usually cause redness only at the spot of the sores.Gonorrhea, herpes, and genital warts do not normally cause vaginal or vulvar redness, although gonorrhea and chlamydia can cause redness at the cervix, far inside the vagina.The most common causes of vaginal burning and redness are yeast infections and contact dermatitis. Neither of these is sexually transmitted. You should see your health care provider for diagnosis and treatment

Will pain medication cause urinary problems?

Yes, narcotic pain medicine is known to cause urinary retention as well as constipation.

What can cause Swelling under one eye and redness in that eye?

Blunt force trauma can cause swelling under an eye and redness in the eye. If this happens you should consult a doctor.

What would be the cause of redness under bandage adhesive?


Can having yeast be a cause of urinary tract infections?

Yes, in some cases having a yeast infection can cause urinary tract infections.

What can cause infection in the urinary system?


Can a urinary tract infection also cause a sore throat?

No, a UTI will not cause a sore throat. Strep throat, however, can cause urinary changes if complications occur, and gonorrhea can cause both urinary symptoms and sore throat. Contact your health care provider for advice specific to your situation.

How do the urinary and immune systems interact?

The urinary and immune systems interact because if you have a parasite in your urinary tract, it can cause a disease that the parasite has to get into your immune system.

When a pimple is popped can it be cured?

Yes, but if it is popped it can cause redness in the area.

What accounts for the redness and heat in an inflamed area?

chemicals released by the injured tissue cells and leukocytes cause the VASODILATION of the arterioles in the injured area and cause the local hyperemia to form accounting for the redness and heat.

Could a urinary tract infection cause a tingling sensation at the end of urnination?

Yes, a urinary tract infection could cause tingling or burning when urinating. Other symptoms of URI include a feeling of pressure and urinary frequency.

Can a untreated urinary infection cause trichomoniasis?

No, an untreated urinary infection can't cause trichomoniasis. However, continued urinary symptoms, especially with a negative urine culture, can be signs and symptoms of trichomoniasis that were not detected during previous exams.

What could be the cause of morning fevers?

urinary infections

Can vicodin cause urinary tract infections?


Can antibiotic cause an urinary tract infection?


What is the most common cause of a urinary fistula?


What complication might urinary stasis cause?