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I remember reading on the instructions that only meds containing hcg hormone will affect the test. To be on the safe side I would still check with the doctor

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 21:27:15
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Q: Can medication for seizures cause a false negative result from a serum pregnancy test?
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Can the medication Effexor affect a pregnancy test result?

No, the medication Effexor cannot affect a pregnancy test result.. however.. if you get a positive pregnancy test result, you should talk to your doctor about the safety of Effexor during pregnancy ~pawsalmighty

What are the risks for people with epilepsy who do not take medication?

The biggest risk is that they will have more seizures. Some people have their seizures completely under control by taking their medication. So if they do not take medication their seizures could start again. Others may get seizures, but not as bad or as often when they take their medication, so not taking it could result in them having more and those seizures being more serious. For people who never take medication for epilepsy, they are likely to continue to have seizures.

Can the medication fluoxetine affect pregnancy test result?

can fluoxitine affect a pregnancy test result.

When you are on medication can you get a positive pregnancy test?

When on medication, your pregnacy test may result in false information depending on what type of medication was taken.

Can obesity cause a negative pregnancy result?


Can a uti cause a negative pregnancy result?

UTIs do not affect the accuracy of pregnancy tests.

Can the medication aciphex or muscle relaxers affect a pregnancy test result?


Can taking daily laxatives make a pregnancy test result negative?

o it will not help in making the pregnancy test negative in anyway.

Can the pill have something to do with a negative result?

No. Birth control will not mess with the result of a pregnancy test.

Can a viginal bleeding during pregnancy give false negative result of pregnancy test?


Can caffeine give a negative blood pregnancy test result?

A pregnancy test does no detect caffeine.

Can a negative pregnancy test mean you have a tubal pregnancy?

Some women who have an ectopic pregnancy have a negative pregnancy test. The hCG which gives a positive test result, is released from the embryo implanting in the uterus.

Can a urinary tract infection cause a negative result?

can a uti cause a negititve pregnancy result.

Can Ovulex affect a pregnancy test result?

Hello, Ovulex will not effect a pregnancy test result. Only medication containing HCG will effect a pregnancy test result. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please note this is advice only & is not to be used in place of a Medical experts. ------------------------------------------------------------

What medications can contribute to a negative pregnancy result?

None to my knowledge, the hormone hCG is the hormone needed for a pregnancy to be viable. A false negative is an indication it is too early to test, otherwise there is no pregnancy.

Can you get negative pregnancy test results if your periods are irregular?

irregular periods doesn't affect a pregnancy test result

Can you take pregnancy test and have it say negative cause it's too early?

In the first week of pregnancy you can get a false negative result, but after that it's pretty much accurate.

What could be the cause of a bad acne break out but no period and a negative pregnancy test?

A bad acne break out can be as a result of environmental change if there is no period and a negative pregnancy test.

Can seizures result in heart failure and lung collapse?

Mostly, seizures don't cause major circulatory or respiratory disturbances. However, situations vary from person to person. It's absolutely necessary that the person who suffers from seizures take his medication on a daily basis correctly.

Can you have pregnancy symptoms and have a negative test result?

Yes , take two pregnancy tests to make sure . Or even three.

Are pregnancy tests always right?

negative results can be incorrect, due to insufficient levels of the hcg they require to work, but a positive result is more than likely to be correct. it can however be affected if you are on certain fertility medication.

Does the mini pill cause false negative pregnancy result?

No. Taking the test too soon causes false negative.

What can give a false result on a pregnancy test?

Ovarian cysts can cause a false negative result. In the case a woman knows she has cysts or PCOS, and believes herself to be pregnant despite a negative result on a home pregnancy test, scheduling a blood test with her practitioner would be advised.

Could i be pregnant and still have negative pregnancy result and have bleeding and cramps?

yes you may be

Could minocycline cause a negative pregnancy test result?

yes it can SADLY <33333333333333