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Can medications cause low body temperature?

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Is low body temperature in a 2 year dangerous?

Low body temperature in a 2 year old can be dangerous. However, this depends on how low the body temperature is and what the cause is from. See your doctor if you have a child with consistently low body temperature.

What causes a low body temp?

Some things that cause low body temp are, exposure to the cold,alcoholism,possibly hypothermia, and some medications can cause this as well.

What would cause a low body temperature in a toddler?

It depends on how low a temperature and what other symptoms they have. Hypothermia could be one cause

Does dehydration cause low body temperature?


What could cause headache chills and low body temperature?


What medications cause low hemoglobin?


What is low body temperature in children?

The low body temperature in children can be as low as 97.1 (F).

What would cause low urine temp?

Urine temperature is the same as a person's body temperature. Low urine temperature, then, would be due to the urine sample cooling in a dish or bottle after being passed from the body.

What is the medical term meaning low body temperature?

hypothermiaLow body temperature is hypothermia.

What could be wrong if cat's body temperature is 94?

If your cat's temperature is 94, take it to the vet immediately! The normal temperature for a cat is 101-102. Many things can cause a low temperature like that, but that it is a dangerously low temperature!

Can anticholinergic medications cause low blood pressure?


Can certain medications cause low sodium in the human body?

low sodium level is called hyponatremia.drug causes hyponatremia are thiazide diuretics proleukin chlorpropamide benzthizide carboplatin

Can mono cause a low body temperature?

No, because you are not very active so you wouldn't get all hot.

What medications can cause low white blood cell count?


Is high body temperature a sign of alcohol overdose?

No. Low body temperature is.

What is the medical term for when your body temperature falls to a dangerously low level?

Hypothermia describes an abnormally low body temperature.

Which term describes a very low bode temperature?

Hypothermia- A low body temperature

What conditions cause deviations from the ideal gas?

High pressure, and low temperature.High pressure, and low temperature.High pressure, and low temperature.High pressure, and low temperature.

What is abnormally low body temperature?

The condition of an extraordinarily low body temperature is known as hypothermia. The adverse is hyperthermia, which is the condition of an extraordinarily high body temperture.

Why can a low temperature cause death?

because all the reactions happening in your body (the things keeping you alive) are unable to work at a temperature under 37 degrees

What does low body temperature mean?

My doctor told me that My low grade temperature is caused by a virus.

Is 95.5 temperature low?

It depends on whether you're asking about body temperature or outside temperature. For body temperature, that's low to average. For outside temperature, on the other hand, that's rather hot.

What does 97.8 body temperature mean?

actually 98.6 is the normal temperature of the body... 97.8 is in the normal body temperature range

What occurs when the body temperature is too low?

When a person's body temperature is too low they can become hypothermic or enter into a state of hypothermic shock if their temperature stays too low for an extended period of time.

Can you have a low body temperature and be pregnant?