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Yes but it takes some time. You can add other herbs to help the process along such as: chastberry, fennel, red clover (to help booster estrogen), blessed thistle, soy isoflavones, red respberry , dong quai, as well as Pueraria Mirifica (PM) and drink spearmint tea 3xs a day There has been a lot of success with PM and it would be the first herb i would add to your routine . Remember to take your herbs 3xs a day on an empty stomach about 1 hr before meals - I take them in the morning (when i wake up), 1 hr before lunch, and right before bedtime. I also apply wild yam cream (apply directly to breasts) and use a breast pump (like noogleberry) to help speed things along.

Find the right combo of herbs or use many of the above. It also works best to cycle off and on - so use them in combo or cycle off one and on another. I continue to use fenugreek every day - besides helping increase size it also has the great side effect of making my sweat and urine smell like maple syrup - I love that!

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2011-08-29 16:01:56
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Q: Can men grow breast if they take fenugreek and saw palmetto?
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Will taking Fenugreek Saw Palmetto and Red Clover increase your breast size?

yes. take one capsule of each 2-3 times a day and you will most likely see results after the first month XD

If men take fenugreek what does it do?

am 41 and male, i need to know how to make breasts milk i got men boobs am a 40c bra, if i take fenugreek will that help my boobs to grow, and i need to know what i can take asweel to make breasts milk and get my boobs firm

Is Fenugreek good for teens?

Can a 14 year old take fenugreek safely??

How long does fenugreek take to increase breast size?

There is no way of telling whether taking fenugreek will increase your breast size, except by trying it. Not many women have claimed to have increased their breast size from taking one herb in isolation, but there's certainly no harm in trying. If it works it's impossible to predict what the timescale for results being visible would be, as the way the body responds to herbs is very individual and varies greatly from one person to another, but realistically you must be prepared to try for at least 3 months. There is no proof that fenugreek has any effect on breast growth.

Can fenugreek cause breast enhancement in men?

I have been taking FENUGREEK for fifteen weeks, and i now have a pair of B CUP SIZE BREASTS :{im a guy } I have been taking fenugreek for quite a while and my breasts have grown.I also take saw palmento for the same reason.I am transgendred.It does increase breast size. I mixed fenugreek powder, the stuff you cook with, with body lotion and rubbed it onto my breasts, then covered them up to protect my clothes and left it on for several hours. After only 2 such treatments I can see and feel the breast growth. I'm a bit usnure how far to go, as it is not easily reversible.

Can you get fat if you take fenugreek?


Which supplements can one take to achieve breast enhancement?

No supplements are scientifically proven to enlarge the breasts. Supplements which claim to enhance breast development commonly include barley, fennel, black cohosh, fenugreek, kava, and oats.

Fenugreek capsules make your breasts grow?

yes its really work. One of my friend use fenugreek and she saw a big different in just one month take one capsules 3 time daily. you will see the difference.

What happens to a guy who take estrogen?

They grow breast, and get bigger hips

What should you take to grow your breast at 24 years you still have a flat breast?

Surgery is the only thing that helps.

Can you give me names of breast-growth herbal supplements?

the most common herbs for breast growth are a combination of Saw Palmetto, Red Clover, and Fenugreek seed. you should take all three at the recommended dosage on the bottles 2 - 3 times per day. You can also suppliment with Peruvian Maca Root which will stabilize your hormones as you are taking other herbs. Other herbs that can be used include Wild Yam Chasteberry Nettle Leaf Black Cohosh Hops

Is there a chance of getting breast cancer if you take pill s that will make your breast grow?

You will never get breast cancer if you take pills that will make your breast grow. Here's a tip: If you have big breast, you can have sex with the hottest guys because they love having sex with women with big breast!! Having big breast, you can wear shirts that will make all men see your big breast so you can have sex only if you want to !!

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