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Can mercury and lead be parts of acid precipitation?

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It is possible, especially if there was a fire where these elements where present.

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What are the ingredients in a battery lead acid?

The "active" ingredients are lead, and sulphuric acid. The other parts are there to keep everything in place and avoid the dangerous acid from spilling (like the plastic cover), and to provide electrical contacts (some metal parts).

What precipitation occurs between lead nitrate and hydrochloric acid?

Pb(NO3)2 + 2 HCl --> PbCl2(s) + 2 H+ + 2 NO3-Precipitation PbCl2

What acids are in batteries?

Sulfuric acid is the only acid commonly used in batteries. You may have heard of "lead-acid" batteries, but those are two separate parts of the battery: the lead part and the (sulfuric) acid part.

What does mercury and lead chloride make?

mercury + lead chloride --> mercury chloride + lead

Is hydrochloric acid soluble in water?

yes, all chlorides except those combioned with silver, lead, or mercury

What is the difference between a lead-acid accumulator and a lead-acid battery?

There is no difference between lead acid accumulator and lead acid battery.

Is Mercury heavier then lead?

Yes ..mercury ie heavies then lead

Does lead float or sink in liquid mercury?

Lead floats in mercury.

What is the solute and solvent in lead?

If you mean lead-acid then your answer would be Solute = Lead and some Lead salts. Solvent = conc. Sulfuric acid. Other than that mate, your question doesn't really make sense, in order to have a solute AND a solvent, you need two parts.

Do cloud always lead to precipitation?


What can precipitation in IV administration lead to?

Precipitation from the solution may lead to complications such as pulmonary microcapillary occlusion and blockage of blood flow.

What is inside a lead acid battery?

sulfuric acid and lead.

What does nitric acid lead to?

Nitric acid lead to nitrates.

Lead plus nitric acid?

Lead plus nitric acid equals lead nitrate and hydrogen gas. Lead react very slowly with a dilute acid such as nitric acid.

Is mercury more dense than lead?

Mercury is more dense than lead

Does lead float on Mercury?

yes it can because lead is less dense than mercury

What are lead-acid car batteries made from?

lead and acid

How can you remove lead ions from a solution?

Precipitation. Lead halides are fairly insoluble.

Is lead nitrate an acid or base?

Lead Nitrate is the salt of a strong acid (nitric acid) and a weak base (lead (II) or lead (IV) hydroxide). Salts like these are somewhat acidic so lead nitrate (regardless of the oxidation state of lead) is an acid.

Predict what will happen when lead is added to nitric acid?

Lead + nitric acid -------> lead nitrate + hydrogen

What is the product of lead and hydrochloric acid?

Lead + Hydrochloric acid=> Lead Chloride + Carbon Dioxide + Water

Can you explain the working of lead acid battery?

working of a lead acid battery

What is the reaction between lead and phosphoric acid?

phosphoric acid react with lead

What can water in clouds undergoes condensation lead to?


If you drop a piece of lead into a pool of mercury will it sink or float?

Lead would float in mercury, as it is slightly less dense. (11.3 g/cc for lead, 13.5 g/cc for mercury)