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If you are not emancipated you need your parents' permission to move out or to get married.

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Q: Can minors who have a child legally move out of their parents' home and live together?
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Can a child move out at 17 with permission in Indiana?

No child under the age of 18 can move out onto their own. Parents are held legally responsible for minors until the age of 18.

Do parents have the right to kick their 17-year-old child out of the house in Michigan?

No because they are not minors and legally not considered as adults until the age of 18

Do parents of minors with a child have any legal obligations?

Yes provide for their minor Child

How old do you have to be to choose which house you live at if your parents are divorced in Tennessee?

The truth is that a child has no legal right to choose which parent he or she wants to live with. They are legally minors dependent upon their parents. The truth is it will vary from case to case.

Can parents legally see an adult child's will?

not without child's consent..

Are the parents legally responsible if you move out?

If a child is legally emancipated by the court, then the parents are no longer responsible for the child. On the other hand, if the parents simply give the child permission to move out...then that's a different matter entirely.

Are parents legally responsible for child?

parents are in every way responsible for their child and they should always be there if the child is in need of their parent.

If a minor has a baby are the grand parents legally responsible for the child?

No, the child's under-age parents are the legal guardians of the child.

At what age can a child move out of his parents' home?

18, legally.

Can you legally move out of your parents?

A child can legally move out of their parents home when they are of legal age. In most states, the legal age is 18.

Can parents legally take things away from a child that they pay for but the child paid them back?


What is a kinship adoption?

It means the child is being adopted by a close relative to the parents. I'm sure you've heard of babies of minors being adopted by the minors parents and raised as their sibling.

Who has custody of the child if the parents are married?

In the United States both parents have equal rights of custody of the child if they are legally married.

What if you are a 16 year old adopted child and want to move out your parents house?

You used the word child. And legally they are a child and the parents decide where they are to live.

Can you legally move out of your parents house at 16 years old?

Moving out of a parents house at the age of 16 legally, depends on where the person resides. In most states, a child cannot legally move out of a parents home because they are not of the states age of majority. A child can move out at 16 if they are legally emancipated by the courts.

What does illegitamate mean?

If a child is illegitimate, it means their parents are not legally married.

When can a child legally move out of his parents house?

With parental consent or by emancipation.

Can a child can register a case against a cheating mother?

No. Minors (under 18) are not 'legally capable' of filing suits in court.

Do step parents have disciplinary rights to step children in Illinois?

Legally step parents have no legal rights regarding the child. That is an issue the parents of the child decide.

Is there laws against adopted minors communicating with birth parents?

The law that says you are a minor and your parents decides over you. There are open adoptions so if the parents agree with each other when the adoption take place the child and birth parents can still have contact. That is not legally enforceable though and the adoptive parents can change their mind at any time.

Do underage children have to pay child supoort?

Yes, minors who become parents have to pay for their child. If the parent who has to pay support can not pay, his parents can be ordered to do so by the court until he can.

Can Parents get emancipated from child?

No. If the chidren are minors they can be left to adoption but if they are adults you just stop having contact with them.

When can a child choose were they would like to live with other familey other than parents?

When they are no longer minors.

Don't both parents have an obligation to financially support their child?

Yes. Both parents are legally responsible for he support of their minor child[ren].

Can the mother receive child support if parents own a home together and live together in mass?

yes Child support is awarded when one or both parents are absent. If the child's parents are living together with the child (in their own home or other living arrangement), no child support is due.