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Typically associated with pregnancy, morning sickness can be regular or infrequent. It varies from person to person. Some people have it nearly every day of their pregnancy. Others have it only a few times. A (lucky) few never suffer from it.

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Q: Can morning sickness only last a few days?
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Is it normal for a morning sickness to last only for few days?

Yes. Some women do not even have morning sickness at all. Having it for a couple of days is perfectly normal.

How long can morning sickness last you had it for 2 days and now im fine?

morning sickness basically has a mind of its own. it can last for the entire 9 months or it may only last the first trimester. for me though, i had morning sickness only once in a while. mine usually came when i would become stressed or too excited. so stay calm throughout your pregnancy. it should help.

Do you only get morning sickness when having a girl?

No, you can get morning sickness when expecting a boy or a girl. It is a myth that you only experience it with one or the other. It's the hormones that are released during pregnancy that cause morning sickness, and these are the same when the baby is a boy and when the baby is a girl

Do dogs have morning sickness?

Some female dogs can and do get morning sickness, usually during their 3rd and 4th week of pregnancy. This is when egg implantation into the uterus wall occurs. Morning sickness can involve loss of appetite (going off of feed) and/or mild vomiting, and usually only lasts 2-3 days, at most.

Why do i only get motion sickness in the morning?

You might be moving to fast

How many days later a woman vomits after having intercourse?

A woman only has morning sickness if pregnant, otherwise, intercourse will not make you nauseous.

Do men get morning sickness?

A man can feel nauseous in the morning for various reason (ie hunger, anxiety,etc.) , but I assure you, not only is it not the same feeling that is caused by a pregnant woman's morning sickness, but it is also most definitely not brought about by the same reasons as a pregnant woman's morning sickness.

What is hyperemesis gravidarum?

Extreme morning sickness Can result in dehydration and hospitalisation, only occurs in 1 in 100 pregnancies and can last for the duration in extreme cases.

Do most women lose weight in the beginning of pregnancy?

no i didn't only when if you get morning sickness

Can you have morning sickness when your cycle is only 2 days late?

Absolutely.....I have had 3 kids and sometimes even got sick before I was even late so, yes, it is possible!

When did a pregnant suffers a morning sickness?

As a pregnant woman myself, I began suffering morning sickness at the end of my sixth week and it is just now beginning to subside in my tenth week. Most pregnant women with morning sickness only suffer the symptoms up to their twelfth week, and usually never beyond that.

Is it okay to have morning sickness in your third pregnancy while not having it in your previous two?

YES!! Every pregnancy is different and comes with different symptoms. (My mom only had morning sickness with her son, and felt great with all of her daughters!) =]

Your girlfriend is not late on her pireod but missed 4 of her remaining days of her pireod and has latley gone through a lot of rough stress only symptoms is morning sickness Could she be pregnant?

yes. your girlfriend is pregnant.

Can you have morning sickness only for one day?

In early pregnancy it is possible, but it would not be a real common thing. But every woman is different, as are her pregnancies. It might be a one day thing if your body has just detected you are pregnant and are producing high or fluctuating levels of HCG (human chorionic gonadotopin), which is a pregnancy hormone that is believed to be one of the main causes of morning sickness. Sometimes morning sickness will come only once or twice, then nothing for a few weeks, but then it really kicks in. Like the calm before the storm, so to speak. With my first pregnancy I had exactly two little waves of nausea a few days apart during the third or fourth week. That was it! Why not just take a home pregnancy test and get it over with so you will know whether to watch for more symptoms or not? Some people experience no morning sickness ever. if you really feel that you are having morning sickness, then just take a test and find out for sure if you are pregnant and that could be what is causing your symptoms. Take a test. Not everyone gets morning sickness.

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I just got my period 3 days ago still on it and been feeling like I'm going to vomit for the pass week now I feel like I'm going to vomit when i eat something in the morning. Am I pregnant?

morning sickness is not only in the morning. It could be throughout the entire day. if you are unshore go to a GP.

Does morning sickness occur everyday or can it occur only once a week or every other week?

Theoretically, morning sickness is most prevalent in the first tri-mester. I still had it on the delivery table.If you are having areally difficult time, tell your doctor at your next pre-natal visit

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How many days after conceiving does a woman start get nauseous?

It can be within a few weeks, it might never happen. Every woman is different. Most women who experience "morning sickness" only have it during the first trimester. The first 3 months.

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Is being queasy but not throwing up considered morning sickness?

Yes I would say it is certainly a possibility, I had morning sickness for the first three months of my preganacy but was not necessarily vomitting each time. Some days I only had the sensation I needed to be sick, would wretch, but nothing would happen. I took this as being the fact that I had not eaten since the previous evening therefore had nothing in my stomach to throw up. If in doubt do a test or visit your doctor.

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