Can most children can see ghosts and what do you think when they talk about the people they see?

1,000 times yes! There are numerous accounts of children (and animals) detecting the presence of spirits. There is no such thing as an imaginary friend [wink]. You had one too... don't deny it! We are conditioned to believe otherwise, but spirits walk among us everywhere, everyday! this is a different person then the previous i have a cousin who is my best friend and in the winter of 2005 his little brother was born nice smart little guy but when i go over to hang out we sometimes horse around in my cousins room well anyway i briefly brought up the subject of monsters his little brother got all shaky and scared and ever since then when i go over there he gets shaky and starts to cry points to the closet and says he sees a scary monster there

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I'm scared, my younger sister points to things and talks to them, but she never ever gets shaky and cries. She just talks too things. I don't know if she can see ghosts but it hasn't happened lately ( i mean like in a couple of months ) she never talks about it or says it is an imaginary friend.