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Q: Can music affect a person's reaction time?
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How does alcohol affect a persons ability to drive?

Alcohol affect a persons ability to drive because if you have to many then it will so down your reaction time.

How does age affect a person's reaction time?

it does because an older persons hand more air when reacting to something

How does talking on a cell phone or listening to music affect reaction time?

Talking on a cell phone or listening to music is a distraction. It causes a person to not pay as much attention to what's going on around them, making their reaction time slower.

Can different types of music affect a persons mile time?

Yes, music can have an effect on a person's mile time. Studies have shown that songs with higher beats per minute result in a faster mile time for many people.

Does gender affect reaction time?


Does sound affect your reaction time?

No it does not

How does fatigue affect reaction time?

Fatigue affects reaction time by making it slower.

Does age affect human reaction time?

Yes it does, as you get older your reaction time slows down.

How does caffeine affect reaction time?

Caffeine increases the reaction time to visual and auditory stimuli

Does eye color affect reaction time?

If you are blind or have muscle spasms then you will havebad reaction time.

How does the amount of time given affect the rate of the enzymatic reaction?

it will increase the time of the chemical reaction

Does fatigue affect reaction time?

Yes, it does.

Does insulin affect your reaction time?


How does music affect children?

does music affect the time it takes children to put a puzzle together?

How does the surface area affect the reaction time?

Increasing surface area decreases the reaction time, effectively increasing the rate of a reaction.

Does different music affect reaction time?

It is known that music effects your reation time. Well from my point of view it doesn't because music has nothing to do with you driving, really?! It just depends on how much attention you put into driving. You just cant turn your music really loud and there wont be a problem.

Does caffeine affect your reaction time?

no- we did a test at school

How does drinking cola affect your reaction?

From my experience, my reaction time was quicker, but it was harder to focus.

When do reaction times significantly affect scientific measurements?

When your measurement is close to the reaction time.

Does anxiety affect your reaction time?

Yes. Optimal anxiety levels produce excellent reaction time, whereas excessive anxiety levels decrease reaction time.

How does drugs and alcohol affect your reaction times?

Alcohol can reduce reaction time. Some drugs reduce while others increase reaction time.

Why do athletes have a different reaction time than persons who do not play sports?

muscle memory

Do sports affect a persons life?

no matter how much time spent good or bad, on any sport it will affect a persons life. ask anyone and they will give you the same answer

How is feeling drowsy (sleepy) likely to affect a driverโ€™s reaction time?

One why would you ask sorry not trying to be rude but the reaction time would be late and may not even happen

Do controlled dose of caffeine affect on reaction time?