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Yes. Sometimes the kitten may be dead. You will need to go see a vet or take the cat to the animal hospital. Just get her checked up.


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Yes, Test tube babies do have belly buttons.

you have to feel the mothers belly after you think she is done having kits if there is a lump then there is a dead kitten.

My 8 month old females kitten belly has recently appeared saggy, she is not spayed. What does this mean?

Piercing your belly bottom has nothing to do with having a child and it does not affect the process.

A cat's pregnancy is between 8-9 weeks.

your kitten may have a gas problem, or may have overeaten, many kittens have visible bellies, but if it seems to be causing it distress, take it to the vet.

if they have a black dot on there belly

Yes, all babies born from placental mammals have belly buttons.

you can tell if your hamster is going to have babies if there belly is saggy and it is not getting much exercise.

you can tell from the in larged stomach or belly

Yes! Why would you inflate a baby?!

Support the kitten's belly and back legs with one hand, and its head and forepaws with the other. Be gentle!

Sonographer, Ultrasound Technologist or Ultrasonogaphers.

no, the number of babies a female has is determined by genetics and the health and age of the animal

The reason people have belly buttons is because when women have babies and the woman eats food there's a tube that goes from womans belly, button to babies belly button, so the baby grows. Then when the baby gets big enough the doctor cuts open the woman's tum, then the tube. And then the tube, then the baby comes out!

if the belly is still black it means the guppy still has some babies in there. the black Dot is the embryo.

i was told it was self defense when i touch my baby mommas belly.

its belly will start to get round at the bottom and it will lay eggs

Its known as a a doctors visit

Signs:(before giving birth) warm belly wanting to eat more/hungry all the time larger belly Wanting personal space (when giving birth): squeaking noising

Yes, mostly in newborns right after the belly-buttons heal. They are not healed on the inside yet, and if they strain when they get gas or are constipated the belly-button can get a hernia.

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