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Yes only if you were previously insured with another company and lost your insurance or it is his companies renewal period , usually once a year.

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If you were laid off and apply for insurance coverage on your wife's group policy do you have to answer a medical questionnaire

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Q: Can my husband add me to his medical insurance if you are already pregnant?
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Which medical insurance is primary for the wife when the husband and wife each have insurance through their jobs?

The Wifes

Can an employer not allow a spouse to join her husband's medical plan if she has medical insurance with her company this is a self-funded plan?

No, they can't. You can have two insurance coverages.

Is a wife responsible for a medical debt of her husband's in Ohio if he was on her medical insurance and is now deceased?

Yes, she will be held responsible. The primary insurance holder is always responsible for the medical costs under

Is a wife responsible for a medical debt of her husband's in Virginia if he was on her medical insurance and is now deceased?

The primary insurance holder will be held responsible. That is part of the agreement, they will have to pay.

Is is necessary to have ski insurance if you already have a full medical coverage plan?

If you have a full medical plan, ski insurance is not needed, as your medical plan already covers EVERYTHING, whether you're taking ski injuries into consideration or anything else.

What do you understand by double insurance?

Double insurance is when you have something insured by two companies like when a husband and wife both have medical insurance on each other.

Can you purchase your own separate medical insurance if you don't like the one-and-only option offered by your husband's employer and can you each use either one or both simultaneously?

You can purchase your own medical insurance, its called and Individual policy and many insurance carriers sell them. With an individual medical policy, you have to qualify. (you don't have any significant medical problems or past medical history) Individual medical policys also have pre-existing clauses-- they can deny any/all medical services for a medical condition they determine began before your policy began. Pre-existing clauses are usually for the first 6 months. Most, not all insurance plans "coordinate benefits". For example, if both you and your husband had health insurance through your separate employers, your insurance would be primary and your husband's insurance would be secondary and vice versa for your husband. It can be different for an individual policy/plan. Health insurance is very expensive in this country so most people can't afford to buy individual medical insurance.

When you get divorced does your ex husband have to continue to pay your medical insurance?

Under health insurance rules no. I have seen that in a divorce decree but that is a legal issue not an insurance one.

Is there cheap travel insurance for the avid backpacking family?

"If you already have extended health or medical insurance, you might already be covered for traveling. If not, buying travel insurance with the same company should have additional savings."

Does medical insurance pay for transportation to work when cannot drive due to medical condition?

If you fell ill or met an accident during transportation to work and are already covered under medical insurance,there is no reason why you will not get benefit under medical insurance. Your inability to drive due to medical condition needs detailed explanation as this may be a parameter in your getting benefits under medical insurance.

If a husband and wife are separated for nine years with no legal agreement can she still use his medical coverages?

If she is still being carried on his insurance as his spouse then she has insurance.

If a women is 22 and still carried on her father's insurance and becomes pregnant is she dropped from her father's health insurance as soon as she gets married?

In India, the age yardstick for girls is 25 years. Yea, when the girl member gets married, she will be dropped. She can take separate policy or opt for joining with husband's medical insurance policy.

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