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Naproxen sodium, or Aleve, is known to cause heart palpitations. If taking the medication causes noticeable changes to one's heart beat, it would be wise to stop taking it and switch to Tylenol or Motrin.

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Do steroid injections cause fast heart rate?

yes, a steroid injection will cause a rapid heart-rate

Can a fast heart rate have anything to do with the thyroid?

hyperthyroidism or thyroiditis can cause tachycardia, or rapid heart rate.

Can Strattera cause rapid heart beat and chest pains?

Strattera has caused rapid heart rate in some patients.

Does Ritalin cause rapid heart rate?

yes, it stops after 4 hours

What are the causes of rapid respiration in infants?

Fever due to any cause can increase the respiratory rate. Any disease of lungs or heart can increase the heart rate. Severe anemia is another cause.

What is the medical term meaning Rapid breathing with rapid heart rate?

Tachypneic is the term for rapid breathing, tachycardia is a rapid heart rate. There isn't one general term for both of them together.

What are tachycardia and cardiomegaly?

tachy- = rapidcardio- = hearttachycardia = rapid heart rate(bradycardia meaning slow heart rate)-megaly = the condition of being enlargedcardiomegaly = enlarged heart

What is the medical term meaning abnormal rapid heart rhythm?

A tachyarrhthmia is an abnormal and rapid heart rhythm. Tachycardia is a broader term that refers to a rapid heart rate.

What is the medical term meaning pertaining to a rapid heart rate?

Tachycardic means pertaining to tachycardia, or rapid heart beat.

Why can you substitute pulse rate for heart rate?

cause it is a shortcut for your heart rate

Does rapid heart rates decrease coronary artery perfusion?

yes.. becouse with increasing heart rate the pumbing ability will decrease that will cause the pre load to not fully pumbmed .. that will cause blood statis then decreasing the after load which lead to decarese the prefusion rate

What are tips to reduce a rapid resting heart rate?


Dangerous heart rate?

Dangerous heart rate may refer to a slowing down of the heart. It may also refer to a very rapid heart rate which may result into serious complications.

What can stimulants cause?

Rapid heart rate. High bood pressure. Change to pupils in larging then shrinking to pin points. Depending on the lighting.

What drugs might cause a slow heart rate would Tramadol or Pregabalin cause a slow heart rate?

There are many drugs which may cause a slow heart rate. Tramadol only causes a slow heart rate if it has been taken excessively, while pregabalin is known to cause only increased heart rate.

What drug slows and strengthens a rapid heart beat?

beta blockers slow down a rapid heart rate,don't think it strengthens it though

Can red bull cause a heart flutter?

Red bull, as well as many other energy drinks, including those containing caffeine, can cause a rapid and sometimes irregular heart rate, which may be perceived as the heart "fluttering." Other stimulants, such as nicotine, can also cause such an effect.

What are systems of a panic attack?

A sudden increase in heart rate and blood pressure.Rapid breathing or loss of breath.Usually a tingling sensation or dizziness, which are results of increased heart rate and rapid breathing.

Uses for foxglove?

heart mediater, it causes rapid increase in heart rate, causes stroke, heart attack etc.

What body system helps control the actions of when your heart begins to pound and your breathing becomes rapid?

The nervous system controls heart rate and respiratory rate. It may be influenced by the endocrine system as well. A rapid heart and breathing rate are typical results of activation of the sympathetic nervous system.

What is the cause of rapid growth population in the Philippines?

birth rate is higher than death rate

How does temperature affect heart rate?

Lower temperatures cause heart rate to slow.

Who can dingos rapid breathing and heart rate?

135 beats per minute

Does the length of cardiac cycle decrease with more rapid heart rate?


What portion of the cardiac cycle is shortened by a rapid heart rate?

The diastolic phase